7 Caterers Who Will Fill Your Stomachs During the Holidays

For most of us, food is indeed the highlight of the season of Christmas! Attending party after party doesn’t seem so tiring when you think about all the food you get to taste with your family and friends. So if you’re planning to host any celebration during the holidays, you have to make sure that the food will surely cater to your guests’ tastebuds and fill their stomachs! Covering all types of cuisine, we’ve rounded up a few caterers whom you might want to give a call this holiday season.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 Caterers Who Will Fill Your Stomachs During the Holidays


1. The Moment Group

From the same people who brought you 8Cuts, Manam, and Ooma, they’re now ready to serve you at your next private event. No matter what cuisine you’re looking for this Christmas–be it American, Japanese, Filipino, or perhaps even a fusion of Asian and Western, The Moment Group’s Mess Hall and Test Kitchen will be the perfect fit for your holiday parties.

Contact number: 869-9284


2. Buona Vita 

Home-cooked Italian food? Yes, please! If you’re from the South, I’m sure you’ve seen Buona Vita around. Located in Molito, they serve delicious Italian dishes that’ll leave you wanting more. Good news is that they cater to small and intimate events!

Contact number: 519-3868


3. Aperitif

If you’re like me who can’t resist gelato or pasta, you’re going to love Aperitif! They have pasta and gelato stations (even wine!) that’ll make sure your guests will have their food exactly the way they want it! Plus, they have a really wide and beautiful selection of cold cuts and cheese for your elegant and classy gathering.

Contact number: (0917) 573-7171


4. Hizon’s Catering

No stranger to large-scale events, Hizon’s Catering offers a wide selection of food options. If you’re looking to host a grand party with a long list of guests, you should check out their extensive menu and find out what selection would be perfect for your celebration!

Contact number: 925-0103 or 925-0107


5. Rossini Ristorante Italiano

If you’re an avid fan of Italian and French cuisine, you might want to give Rossini a call for the holidays! You might have seen their restaurant somewhere along Seaside Boulevard in Pasay and luckily, they cater to small-scale parties and gatherings–just in time for Christmas!

Contact number: 800-8060


6. Queensland Catering

Known for its budget-friendly services and packages, Queensland Catering just might be your next go-to for your catering needs! They’ve had experience with weddings, birthday parties, and much more. Plus, they’re flexible to your needs so every occasion feels customized at a reasonable price.

Contact number: 826-7791


7. Bizu

For extravagant and grand celebrations, Bizu has catering packages that exude class and sophistication. They carefully put together an exquisite mix of colors, textures, and table arrangements for each priceless occasion.

Contact number: 845-0590/845-0591/845-0592/845-0593


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