A List of Gifts You Can Get Your Hubby this Christmas

The season of giving is soon coming our way, and I have a list of gifts you can give your husband this Christmas! This list is full of different kinds of gifts, and I’m sure one of them is suited for your lucky man. So go on, and browse through it!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends A List of Gifts You Can Get For Your Hubby This Christmas


1. A Gym Membership

Photo by Anytime Fitness Holy Spirit

One way or another, it’s best to keep your man in tip top shape!


2. Amazon Alexa

Photo via Amazon

This will surely bring a smile to your man’s face if he’s a bit of a tech geek! It’s also very handy for tons of other stuff like music playbacks, making to-do lists, setting alarms, and even providing weather and traffic updates!


3. A 4K Television 

Photo via Abt
Want to splurge and spoil your hardworking hubby? Consider getting him a 4k TV! With Netflix’s new 4K stream of series and movies and BluRay DVDs, why not?


4. Surround Sound Speakers

Photo via Bose

Imagine a Sunday morning at home, listening to your favorite music, and your kids in the sala playing, while you’re cooking up the most wonderful brunch. Doesn’t that sound like nice? And having a good set of speakers will definitely go a long way!


5. A Fashionable Belt

Photo via Ferragamo

It would be great if you got him something extra special! And this is something he can use everyday!


6. Weatherproof Shoes 

Photo via Cole Hann

With Manila’s weather going from wet to dry in about a minute, it’s pretty helpful to have weatherproof shoes that are equally helpful as they are stylish!


7. Cologne

Photo via Dior

Who doesn’t love the smell of cologne? Dior has a wide range of scents to choose from. You can go with something manly, or better yet, go for a scent you both love.


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