8 #Feels Moments Every Mom Has Felt

Oh, motherhood–there’s nothing quite like it! Whether it’s the joys, the laughs, or the frustrations, motherhood is just filled with moments that are indescribable. Check out these 8 #Feels moments that we’re pretty sure every mom has felt in this wonderful (but slightly stressful) journey we call motherhood!


1. That moment when your kid is performing in a school program


2. That moment when you made the mistake of giving your kids sweets two hours before bedtime


3. That moment when another kid doesn’t want to share the swing in the playground


4. That moment when you planned matching outfits with your family, and life happens


5. That moment when you’re trying to get your child to smile for a family photo


6. That moment when you are about to board the plane with your toddler


7. That moment when you see a toy store


8. That moment when you FINALLY put your child to sleep


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