9 Things You Should Get for An Organized 2018

The New Year is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are a ton of things we should be doing in preparation to greet the new year, like doing a general cleaning of the house and cutting down on the clutter. What better way to kickstart the new year than with a few things that can help keep your things neat, organized, and in place? We’ve rounded up a list of helpful items that you could easily get your hands on before the year ends. Check them out below!

Baby and Breakfast: 9 Things You Can Get For An Organized 2018


1. Planners and Agendas

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One of the major must-haves in order to keep your schedule in order! Write down all your important appointments, meetings, and Parent-Teacher conferences. You can choose from various designs depending on what look you’re going for in 2018.


2. Small Wallets

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A perfect companion for traveling would be these pocket-sized and convenient wallets. You can even use them when you’re going out to do the groceries–just take your cash and card with you!


3. Leather Pouches 

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Need something else for all the small items that moms must absolutely take with them? Think pocket alcohol, tissue, and phones. If you answered yes, then you can place them in a stylish pouch like this!


4. Clothing Organizers

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For overnight trips and staycations, keep your clothes, accessories, and toiletries all in one place with these clothing organizers!


5. Personalized Card Wallets

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There’s something for daddy, for mommy, and for the kiddies. If you want the entire family to be matching, you can opt to have your names engraved to make sure you know which one is whose!


6. Desk Organizers

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For all your daily necessities, keep them in one place with this multi-functional desk organizer. You can leave it somewhere near your work desk or by the door to make sure you never forget.


7. To-do Lists and Notebook Sleeves

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Are you the type of person who sometimes forgets that you had to go to the grocery to buy this, or run a similar errand? There’s a simple fix–write it down on your to-do list! You can even put it in your bag, and it won’t get folded or crumpled with this adorable notebook sleeve!


8. Laptop and Gadget Sleeve

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If you take your laptop and other gadgets with you everywhere you go, you might want to give them a cozy home to make sure they’re protected!


9. Caddy Dividers

Photo via KNK Personal Store

Going for something a bit more personalized? Get something with your name or initials engraved on it! It’s perfect for work supplies and other home accessories too!


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