Check Out These Cool Baby Names for 2018!

2018 is just a few days away, and we’re coming up with our list of cool baby names! So whether you’re still trying to find the perfect name for your baby or just like names in general, you can check out our list!

P.S. – Got a favorite name? Let us know in the comments below!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Check Out These Cool Baby Names for 2018


GIRL'S NAMES Amelia Pronunciation: AH-ME-LEE-YUH Meaning: Defender, industrious Origin: German Eveline Pronunciation: EH-VE-LEAN Meaning: Wished for child Origin: French Karleigh Pronunciation: CAR-LAY Meaning: Womanly, strength Origin: German Luna Pronunciation: LOO-NUH Meaning: Moon Origin: Latin Maeve Pronunciation: MAYV Meaning: She who intoxicates Origin: Irish Malena Pronunciation: MA-LE-NUH Meaning: Woman from Magdala Origin: Dutch Rylie Pronunciation: RYE-LEE Meaning: Courageous Origin: Irish Sage Pronunciation: SAYJ Meaning: Wise Origin: Latin Stella Pronunciation: STE-LUH Meaning: Star Origin: Latin Tallulah Pronunciation: TA-LOO-LUH Meaning: Lady of abundance or leaping water Origin: Irish

BOY'S NAMES Aloy Pronunciation: AH-LOY Meaning: Famous warrior Origin: Latin Atticus Pronunciation: AH-TI-CUS Meaning: Man of Attica Origin: Latin Beau Pronunciation: BOUGH Meaning: Handsome Origin: French Corin Pronunciation: KHO-RIN Meaning: Spear Origin: Latin Cyrus Pronunciation: SAI-RUS Meaning: Throne Origin: Persian Ezra Pronunciation: EZ-RUH Meaning: Help, helper Origin: Hebrew Finn Pronunciation: FIN Meaning: Fair Origin: Irish Gavyn Pronunciation: GAH-VIN Meaning: White hawk Origin: Scottish Kai Pronunciation: KAI Meaning: Sea or ocean Origin: Hawaiian Rowan Pronunciation: ROE-WAN Meaning: Red or little redhead Origin: Scottish and Irish


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