8 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After You Have A Baby

It’s no joke bringing home a baby for the first time. Both you and your spouse will have to adjust to another person in your family dynamic, one who needs constant care and attention. So in between all the feeding, burping, and diaper changing, you might be wondering if your life will ever go back to the way it was. Remember all the fun times you had with your hubby? Well, we’ll be honest, it won’t quite be the same, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be romantic anymore. We’ve listed down some simple ways to help keep the spark alive after you have a baby. Check them out below!

Baby and Breakfast: Marriage 8 Ways You Can Keep the Spark Alive After You Have A Baby


Make date night a priority

We know, we know, it’s been said time and time again, “Date night!” “Date night!” But that aside, there’s no better way to get to know each other again than by making time together (and alone) a priority. Get your parents or in-laws to help out with the baby sitting! We’re pretty sure they’d be more than happy to help. And if you’re looking for some easy date night ideas, we’ve got you covered too!


Surprise your partner

You don’t need to go all out, and buy a huge gift. Simple things like leaving a note with a heart, or sending a sweet text, maybe making your partner some coffee or breakfast is a nice gesture that can say a whole lot.


Show affection

The physical kind. Hold hands, hug, kiss–don’t be afraid to be touchy feely with the baby. (He or she won’t know what’s going on anyway, LOL.) Physical touch is important in a relationship, and there have actually been studies that show that couples who display a lot of physical affection, are more satisfied with their relationships as compared to the couples who don’t.


Do something spontaneous

There’s hardly any room for spontaneity when you have a child. There are feeding times, napping times (which usually don’t go according to plan), and all the other extra time you need for the other things you didn’t do and still have to do. But every once in a while, a spontaneous activity such as ordering in some food and having yourselves a movie marathon, or even deciding to visit your parents (to leave the baby for a couple of minutes) while you go off for a massage help bring the focus back to your relationship.


Carve out at least 10 minutes for yourselves

Whether it’s before you get out of bed in the morning, before you leave for work, or before you go to sleep at night, having those precious minutes to yourselves is important. You don’t have to do anything besides talk! Or you can even just sit or lie in bed with each other, and simply enjoy each other’s company.


Try to impress each other

At this point in your life, it’s not that hard. What’ll impress your husband? Perhaps a home-cooked meal. What’ll impress your wife? Try your hand at diaper changing for a change. You don’t have to do anything extremely different or difficult to try to impress your spouse. Even putting thought into trying to do something to impress your partner is enough.


Turn off your phones

So you’ve spent the whole day at work, attending to the baby, running errands, and doing the housework. Then when you get in bed after a long day, both you and your husband take out your phones and scroll through your social media pages. The connection you’ve made there is with your phone, or even with the people you’re messaging. What about your partner? Have a no-phone time or zone, or better yet, turn them off, and turn your attention to your spouse.


Find a hobby

Shared hobbies bring people closer together. Try to find something both you and your hubby love. It can be cooking, exercising, or even just walking around the neighborhood. You can attend groups together, and even take some classes if you wanted to. It would be nice to share something that you both can do together (besides parenting of course)!


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