Teach Your Kids Values and Skills With These Shows on Netflix

As parents, we should always be careful and cautious about what our children are exposed to at a young age. In our world of tablets, phones, and Netflix, it’s very easy for kids to be exposed to mature themes that they’re just not ready for. But that doesn’t mean that all TV is bad. Watching television can actually result in learning made fun as long as you make sure they are watching the right shows! We’ve rounded up some TV shows you can easily find on Netflix to help your children develop important values and skills they will need as they grow up.


1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

Values and Skills: Empathy and Social Skills

Did you know research actually shows that this particular show helps with social and emotional skills? As it’s based on a particular social-emotional curriculum for teaching critical skills to young children, each episode is backed up with careful research in order to attract attention and promote interaction and lessons.


2. Tarzan and Jane

Values and Skills: Teamwork and Courage

A creative spin on the childhood classic, this TV show presents the two characters, Tarzan and Jane, figuring out how to work together to protect their jungle home.


3. Julie’s Greenroom

Values and Skills: Confidence and Self-Esteem

Who doesn’t love Julie Andrews? She’s such a mother figure to us all! In her show, she gives advice to a group of puppets on how to perform, and teaches them the ins and outs of different stage jobs.


4. Pocoyo

Values and Skills: Curiosity and Sense of Adventure

Toddler Pocoyo and his group of friends are always seeking adventure! Let your child develop his or her sense of curiosity and desire for adventure with these lovable characters.


5. Carebears & Cousins

Values and Skills: Kindness and Friendship

The friendliest and most huggable bears are back, spreading happiness and cheer to everyone! On top of helping one another face their fears, the lovable bears never fail to make viewers feel good with their sweetness and love!


6. Curious George

Values and Skills: Loyalty and Learning

Sometimes, we tend to forget that curiosity is a good trait, especially at such a young age. Curiosity actually paves the way for learning. The more your child questions things, the more he or she can learn. Plus, the show also teaches the viewers a thing or two about loyalty to friends and being considerate to others.


7. Beat Bugs

Values and Skills: Creativity and Confidence

Are you a fan of The Beatles or good music in general? If so, this show is definitely a must watch for you and your kids! A group of bright and colorful bugs will teach you a thing or two about friendship, creativity,¬†and confidence with music tying it all together. Doesn’t that sound awesome?


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