6 Steps to Building Your Own Epic Pillow Fort

If you’re looking for other weekend activities to do with your family that doesn’t involve leaving the house, you’re in luck! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cozying up indoors and having a comfy night in with your family.¬†Why not take it to the next level by building your own epic pillow fort? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly doable. Plus, all you’ll need are materials you can find around the house!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Make Your Own D.I.Y. Fort


What you will need:

  1. Pillows
  2. Bedsheets
  3. Blankets
  4. Stuffed Animals
  5. Clothespins
  6. Flashlights
  7. Mattresses (Optional)
  8. Snacks
  9. Christmas Lights/Lanterns (Optional)

Step 1: Choose the coziest location

Whether it’s the master bedroom or the living room, choose the most comfortable location to build your fort. If you’re planning to have a movie marathon, then make sure there’s enough space in front of the TV to fit everyone in the family!


Step 2: Build a strong foundation

If you and your kids intend to play around inside your epic fort, you have to make sure it’s sturdy and won’t fall apart easily. Use mattresses to lay out a strong foundation.

Step 3: Add a roof

With the clothespins, make sure to secure the blankets to form a roof. Feel free to experiment with how much you want your roof to cover–you can go for triangular-shaped roofs or go for something rectangular. I suggest making the roof as high as possible, so it’s comfortable for everyone to move around inside.


Step 4: Make sure it’s as soft and comfy as possible

Surround your entire fort with pillows! The more pillows you use, the comfier it gets. You can even throw in your kids’ favorite stuffed animals for them to hug and play with.


Step 5: Add some lights (Optional)

Turn off the lights in the room, and light up your spare Christmas lights or lanterns to add a more cinematic feel. It will feel like you have your very own home theatre!


Step 6: Set up your snacks and other entertainment options

Of course, how can we forget about the snacks and the movies? Have some chips or popcorn ready, and line up your movies for the rest of the night. Have fun!


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