A Natural Birthing Shoot for Baby Levi

Good morning, folks! I’ve got something a bit different for you today. Have you ever heard of birth photography or a birthing shoot? It’s a shoot taken while you’re giving birth, whether it be at home or in the hospital. Now don’t worry, the photos aren’t as graphic as you might think! What I love about this set, sent over to us by Cocoon Studio, is that you can see all the precious moments. Like the first moment a dad holds his child in his arms for the first time, or the moment both parents realize that their child is born. Nothing beats the raw and natural emotions captured right in the moment! Do you agree? Check out the set below to see what I’m talking about!

Baby and Breakfast: Real Shoots A Natural Birthing Shoot for Baby Levi

Photographer: Cocoon Studio

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    1. Keep capturing the best moments in life like those moments with your baby. Congrats for the successful delivery! All the best for your family, especially to your new born baby.

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