7 Fun and Special Date Activities You Can Do With Your Daughter

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter. From the much-needed girl time to priceless memories made, mother-daughter dates are just simply irreplaceable. Especially when your kids are growing up, spending time with them is as important as ever. Of course, you should keep in mind what your daughter is really interested in, and what she would love to do with you! If you’re looking to have some one-on-one time with your daughter, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some fun and sweet mother-daughter dates for your next bonding session.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 7 Fun and Special Date Activities You Can Do With Your Daughter



1. Bake something sweet at home

I mean, who can resist some freshly baked goodies? Teach your daughter a thing or two in the kitchen, and end up spending the afternoon munching on your goodies fresh from the oven!


2. Exercise together

Exploring different ways to get fit together is exciting and fun! From sports like swimming and ball sports, to yoga or even walking around the neighborhood, you have so many options to choose from. Plus, who knows? You could be the one to guide and help her with discovering what sport she wants to learn and invest herself in.


3. Spend the afternoon in bed, and watch her favorite series

There’s surprisingly a lot you can learn about a person when you see them watch their favorite TV show! Your daughter would absolutely love to spend a lazy day in bed, sharing her television shows with you.


4. Have a mani-pedi session

One of any lady’s favorite pastime! It can just be so relaxing to get your nails done, and not have to move for a time. You can spend it hearing about her stories from school or just talking about anything under the sun.


5. Do an arts and crafts project

What do you think about going for a more creative activity for the day? You can look up several step-by-step arts and crafts projects online, and use supplies lying around the house! From sewing to drawing, you’re bound to have so much fun playing around with art supplies.


6. Closet raid and dress-up time

Let her try on your accessories, bags, shoes, and clothing! Your daughter will have so much fun trying to be like their mommy. Also, this could be the time where you can pass on some of the clothes or things you used to wear when you were her age.


7. Have brunch or a mini-picnic outdoors

Whether it’s in your garden or an outdoor area, have a yummy meal with your daughter! Skip the usual everyday menu, and prepare something different to make her feel special. Ooh, don’t forget to pack dessert!


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