Classic Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids

You can never go wrong with classics, and that includes movies as well. Didn’t you have that one favorite movie growing up? That movie that you would watch over and over and over again? Whether it was an animated film, a musical, or sci-fi movie, it still made a huge impact. Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and reliving some of our favorite movies that we’re sure your kids will enjoy. These stories may be as old as time, but they never fail to touch our hearts.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Classic Movies You Can Watch with Your Kids


1. Home Alone 

This classic movie will surely bring on a round of laughs. 8 year old Kevin’s burglary prevention plan never gets old! Besides the comedy, this movie shows the importance of independence and responsibility, and is great to watch before the Christmas season (or actually, any time you want)!


2. E.T.

A classic sci-fi movie about 10-year old Elliot and his curious alien friend who shared a special connection. It’s a beautiful film meant to amuse and make you feel good. After watching this movie, the kids will have a deeper understanding of the value of family, home, friendship, and love with no bounds.


3. Babe

Another classic movie featuring Babe the very cute and gallant pig. It’s a great film for all ages that will teach important moral lessons about friendship, self-worth, perseverance, and kindness. The kids will absolutely love this movie because it’s filled with so many talking animals in a farm setting.


4. Casper

Introduce your kids to Casper the adorable friendly ghost! If you’ve watched this before, then you’ll know that it’s not a horror movie, this one is kid-friendly. It’s actually funny, romantic, and heart-warming. Still not convinced? See it to BOOlieve it!


5. The Sound of Music

This Oscar-winning movie is one of most popular musical films of all time. Takeaways from this movie include believing in yourself, being positive, following your heart, and loving your family no matter what. Sing along with Maria and the Von Trapp’s with your kiddos!


6. Annie

This fun musical film stars a young orphan girl named Annie. Her charming personality, optimism, and beautiful voice will make your kids love this wonderful movie even more. The songs are so catchy, your kids can easily pick up them up in no time!


7. The Secret Garden

This movie is great for family because it teaches empathy and courage. It’s about little Mary’s discovery of The Secret Garden when she moved to England. You’ll be amazed at how the magical garden changed her life and her friends. The suspense and mystery of the garden will keep your kids hooked on the story.


8. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Introduce your kids to the colorful and imaginative world of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! This is a great movie for the family because it shows the essence of parenting styles, children’s behaviour, and relationships in the family.


9. Mary Poppins

Enjoy the melodic music and charming dances of this musical film. Mary Poppins will delight your kids with her magic, as she takes Jane and Michael on an adventure and helps their family grow much closer.


10. The Muppet Movie

This is a smart, light-hearted, and fun movie for all ages. The talking pig, frog, bear, and other monster-like plushies are all so lovable. I’m pretty sure the kids will find them adorably cute while you, on the other hand, will enjoy their jokes and witty lines with moral lessons. Definitely a must-watch classic movie!


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