7 Offbeat Spots in Asia for Your Next Family Summer Vacation

Finally, summer! We can smell it in the air. I’m sure you all are super excited for the summer, and all the traveling you’ll be doing with the family. But maybe you’re thinking of going to a destination more unique? Something other than the usual, yet still family-friendly? Well, we’ve rounded up seven places in Asia that may very well satisfy your craving for the off-the-beaten path. And don’t worry, we made sure all these spots are kid-approved.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Offbeat Places in Asia for Your Next Family Summer Vacation


South Korea

Not a lot may know this, but South Korea actually has its very own version of the Disneyland theme park–Everland. Most of the kid-friendly rides and attractions are situated in Global Fair, Magic Land, and Zootopia, so make sure to head over to those zones for an enjoyable time with your little ones! And don’t miss the enchanting parade and fireworks display at night. And if you’re eager to see a 360 view of the capital’s gorgeous skyline, make your way to N Seoul Tower with the family, and dine with a city view like no other.



If your kids love the water and its fascinating sea life, Guam should definitely be on your summer getaway list. This island paradise is known for UnderWater World, one of the world’s longest tunnel-aquariums, which I’m sure will give the kiddos a fun time. If your family prefers a more natural approach to experiencing the sea, there’s always the alternative of snorkeling at the beautiful Ypao Beach. And while your kids are having fun in the sun, don’t forget to give yourself some time to relax by the white-sand beaches, which I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding–they’re all over this tropical paradise!



I think it’s important for your kids to experience the beauty of nature at a young age, so they can learn to appreciate and take good care of everything around them. Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is one of the world’s natural wonders, and it’s a great place to take your family to. It boasts of captivating rock formations and serene blue waters that are sure to wow your little ones! You can also go for a family bike ride around the equally scenic countryside of Hanoi while waving hello to the friendly villagers.



Bring your family to Angkor Wat for an adventure-packed experience of a lifetime. Imagine little Indiana Joneses exploring the ancient temple ruins! If your kids are a bunch of thrill-seekers, then try out the Flight of the Gibbon zipline (also in the Angkor Park) for an exhilarating time. What’s even better about this ride is, as you go along the lush jungle, the guides will be pointing out the many interesting flowers and vegetation around–biology class on point, don’t you think? Oh and you may be able to spot a few gibbons too!



Your family is sure to have fun in this interesting mix of a desert and metropolitan city. Head to the desert for some adventurous activities, such as sand-boarding and camelback riding, and don’t ever leave this place without going on the unforgettable desert safari! If you want, you can take all this up a notch by camping in the desert beneath the beautiful stars. When the heat of the desert starts to get to you, head to the amazing Oceanarium at Dubai Mall for a cool-down the young ones are sure to love!



I bet your little ones are well familiar with the classic Disney movie Mulan, right? If they are, they’ll be more than excited to be walking a few steps on the Great Wall! Not so much of a fan? Well, there’s always the option of the happiest place on earth–no other than Disneyland–in Shanghai. If your family wants to go back in time, head to Beijing and explore the spectacular Forbidden City, or maybe even visit the remarkably artful Terra Cotta Army in Xi’an, which I’m sure will leave your kids wide-eyed.



Taipei is a great, easy-going destination your family can have a great time in. It’s known for its night markets and street food, but Taipei is also famous for the Children’s Amusement Park. This theme park has three unique themed zones: Fantasy Forest and Dream Ocean, Magic Planet, and Toy Soldier Kingdom. Don’t let the “Children’s” in the name fool you though–this park is great for both the kids and the young at heart! Oh and don’t leave Taiwan without taking your young ones to see the incredible view from the Taipei 101 tower, where you can shop, eat, and marvel at the impressive city view of Taipei.


You know what to do, mommies. Stock up on sunscreen, block out your dates, and start planning an unforgettable family summer vacation!


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