10 TED Talks Every Parent Should Watch

I love TED Talks! Whenever I feel down, or feel like I want to give up, I browse through TED‘s numerous talks, and always finish a video with a smile on my face. Whether I’m in the mood for something motivational, inspiration, touching, sweet, or even humorous, there’s always something for me to listen to. I decided to round up a few of my favorites, which I think are very relevant to all kinds of parents. So if you’re pretty new to TED Talks, then I would suggest starting out with our list below!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 10 Ted Talks Every Parent Should Watch


1. For Parents, Happiness is a Very High Bar by Jennifer Senior


We all know that parenthood is tough. And sometimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best, making it our goal to make our kids happy. In her talk, Jennifer Senior provides a more realistic and honest approach to the goal of parenthood.


2. 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kid Do by Gever Tulley


If you’ve ever used the phrase, “Don’t do that, it’s dangerous!” on your kid, then this talk will definitely put that saying into perspective. Gever Tulley, the founder of the Tinkering School, explains why a little danger can actually be good for your kids.


3. How to Raise Successful Kids–Without Over-Parenting by Julie Lythcott-Haims


What is over-parenting? Are you guilty of it? Julie Lythcott-Haims weaves topics like parent expectations, micromanaging, successful kids, grades, and test scores in one talk, with a compelling message that all parents should be aware of.


4. The World Needs All Kinds of Minds by Temple Grandin


While this may not necessarily be about parenting itself, Temple Grandin talks about how she–a person diagnosed with autism–should not be seen as someone fragile, but rather, a person whose uniqueness the world needs.


5. Love, No Matter What by Andrew Solomon


If you’ve ever felt like your child was so different from you–whether in personality, skills, or abilities–then this talk might just be for you. In his quietly moving talk, Andrew Solomon explains the difference between unconditional love and unconditional acceptance.


6. 3 Rules to Spark Learning by Ramsey Musallam


Even though this speaker is actually a chemistry teacher, all parents can learn a thing or two from his short talk, such as how to spark curiosity in kids, how to get them excited to learn, and how to get them to use their imagination.


7. Agile Programming–For Your Family by Bruce Feiler


If you’re a family who likes thinking outside of the box, then you might like Bruce Feiler’s talk about including family practices such as giving feedback, encouraging flexibility, and accountability into your home. P.S. – This isn’t for everyone.


8. In Our Baby’s Illness, A Life Lesson by Roberto D’Angelo and Francesca Fedeli


Parents Roberto D’Angelo and Francesca Fedeli speak about wrestling with their fears after finding out that their newborn son had had a perinatal stroke. This short talk highlights how they were able to see the positive side of their son’s disabilities, and turn their family life around.


9. Nature is Everywhere–We Just Need to Learn to See It by Emma Marris


This talk may be a bit different from the others. It’s not about parenting per se, but about nature, the environment, how precious it is, and why we must let our children engage with it, learn to love it, and ultimately, protect it.


10. A Father-Daughter Bond, One Photo at a Time by: Steven Addis


In his short and sweet talk, Steven Addis details his annual ritual with his daughter–taking a picture with his daughter in his arms, in the same place every year–and why it means so much to him.


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