6 Destinations in the Philippines for the Perfect Family Getaway

Hey, folks, it’s almost summer! Have you planned out where to vacation with your family yet? Well, if you don’t exactly feel like leaving the country, we came up with a list of amazing spots around the Philippines you can escape to this summer. I’m sure both you and your kids will love these local gems. Go on and check them out now!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Destinations in the Philippines for a Perfect Family Getaway



There’s more to this island than just big waves and surfing. It may be the surfing capital of our country, but that doesn’t mean non-surfers can’t enjoy this island paradise! Go restaurant hopping and widen your kids’ taste buds by trying out the deliciously healthy acai bowls at Shaka, and the authentic Italian pizzas at Kermit! Or maybe you fancy a yoga session by the beach? Well, take your kids with you! If you would love for your young ones to feel one with nature, then this is the place you should take them to!



Vigan is our country’s first and only UNESCO World Heritage city. Give your kids a blast from the past and have them experience colonial living at its finest. Kalesas or horse-driven carriages are all over the main street, and we’re sure your kids will have fun riding one! You can also visit the Spanish-style houses as well, and show the kids just what it was like living at that time. In Vigan, you’ll be giving your little ones (no matter how young) a unique opportunity to appreciate our country’s rich cultural past. Truly a fun and immersive experience for the whole family!



Head to Oslob for an unforgettable swim with the whale sharks! Wait, what? Did somebody just say whale sharks? No need to fret, moms! These gigantic creatures may grow up to fifteen meters long, but they’re as gentle as you can possibly imagine. Have your kids get up-close and personal with these beautiful gentle giants–and it will give them the experience of a lifetime! Just to assure you a little more: Even children as young as three years old are allowed on this swimming activity with these magnificent creatures!



If your kids love the outdoors and nature, then head to Eden Farm Nature Park. Enveloped by cool mountain air and surrounded by towering trees, your family is sure to have a good time indulging in the genuine mountain experience of this place! Plus, there are tons of recreational activities too, like fishing, horseback riding, ziplining, and more. This nature park also has several attractions, such as the bird walk and deer park, just to name a few! If your family wants to do more water-based activities, then head down to Pearl Farm Resort in Samal!



Party capital? Naah. Yes, Boracay may have been dubbed that, but there’s so much more to this dream island! Wondering what kind of family-friendly activities this island has? Well, there’s snorkeling, island hopping, paddle boarding, sunset sailing, or what about hopping onto a thrilling–and safe (we got you, moms)–banana boat ride? Or even simply building sandcastles on the beautiful white sand beaches is enough to give your kids an enjoyable time! This is the ultimate summer destination for both adults and kids!



Head down south and explore the charming island of Camiguin. Your family will, without a doubt, love the relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals! Take a dip in the hot and cold springs that dot the island. Go on a short bangka ride to the renowned sandbar of White Island–your kids will be running all over the powdery white sands in no time. Make sure to stock up on a lot of sunblock, moms! Oh, and you won’t want to leave the island without getting a mouthful of the famous Vjandep Pastel too–a treat sure to satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth!


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