Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat’s Sports Themed Baby Shower Was So Epic!

If you’ve been on Instagram, following the¬†#babysemblathlete¬†hashtags like I’ve been, then you can pretty much tell that Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat’s sports themed baby shower was an epic event! We asked the lovely momma-to-be questions about how she came up with such a unique concept, and the planning experience. Btw, she also dished on some of the funny moments and guests too! Check out what she had to say, and the amazing photos from Cocoon Studio, below!

Baby and Breakfast: Baby Shower Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat's Sports Themed Baby Shower Was So Epic!


1. What made you decide on a sports fest theme?

I wasn’t planning on having one at first because I didn’t want to make my friends plan it pa. Hassle, and then I’ll have to be the center of attention–I’m shy–LOL! My sister and Georgina collaborated with my fave skin care brand La Mer, and they threw me a really cute and intimate surprise one! I never had any surprise party in my life (cause I’m so controlling). But this was perfect for me! It had everything I loved–La Mer facials, Wildflour food, hair and makeup, and really fun games.

But as for this one, everyone kept pressuring me to have one, so I just organized my own dream event. I didn’t want the baby shower to be about me opening gifts for the baby, I wanted to celebrate sports, fitness, and health–everything Adrien and I love and want to pass down to the baby.


2. How was it planning your own baby shower?

I didn’t expect it to be that much fun!!! But it was a lot of preparation. I guess I was used to it cause I planned my own wedding as well, but this was short notice so we were on a time crunch. I’m pretty controlling by nature so I was constantly bugging people and delegating deliverables. Janna Pablo from Paby’s Creative Events is a gem! She literally did everything from start to finish. (I’m forcing her to increase her fee haha!) She would respond to my messages at 3 am with new ideas. Patricia from Cocoon Studio, was also amazing, taking care of the photos, helping secure the location, and briefing the staff. I also couldn’t have done it without my very efficient sister Ava. Overall, the four of us made a really good team. The best thing is that we were able to get the Spartan Race onboard!


3. What was the funniest moment of the day?

Definitely when Liz got stuck in the Spartan obstacle on top of the course.


4. What team were you secretly rooting for?

None haha! I purposely segregated the captains, co-captains, and members. I mixed up the weak and strong players so that the teams were all at par with each other.


5. Who was the best team leader? And co-captain?

The best team leader was George, even if she didn’t play, she was good at telling people what to do. The best co-captain was Nico. He was so into it he came to the event earlier than I did, and was strategizing the whole time! Erwan was a good co-captain too! He was really a team player, and helped people like Liz, when she was stuck.


6. Who was the most competitive guest?

Uhhh… Adrien haha. Even if before the event he kept telling my sister and I that he wasn’t going to get too involved because he was going to let the guests enjoy and get competitive. And then he was the first player at all the games, I had to tell him off!


7. Who were the funniest tandem?

Nico and Martine. Nico was so into it, while Martine was hanging by the stage laughing at the people playing.


8. Who was the most game guest?

Probably Erwan.


9. Who was the MVP?

Arthur! We were all so surprised to see him flying through the Spartan obstacle!


10. What was the game everyone loved the most?

The Spartan race was the highlight of the fest!


11. What are you looking forward to the most about being a mom?

Maybe doing family activities with the baby. I definitely think our life is going to change with another person coming.


Keep scrolling for more of this epic sports fest!


Photographer: Cocoon Studio / Videographer: 4:30 Films / Venue: Manila Polo Club / Event Coordinator: Pabys Creates Events / Cake Baker: Cupcake Lab PH / Balloons: Party Magic PH / Stage, Sounds, and Lights: Ignite Pro Sounds & Light Rentals / Photobooth: MediaCast Digital Events / Inflatables: Caleb’s Inplaytafun / Activity Booths: The Party Project, Ada’s Wonderland Party Needs / Food Carts: Banh Mi Kitchen, Spud Buds, Puffles PH, Jungle Joy, Pure Nectar, Fluffed PH, Proudly Promdi, Krispy Kreme, Vampire Penguin Manila, Karabella Dairy, Spartan Race PH, Klean Kanteen, Vita Coco, G Active PH

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