The Perfect Kid-Friendly Itinerary for Your Trip to Japan

What country is known for its amazing food, refined people, and beautiful panorama? Yup, that’s right, it’s Japan! And because I want you and your little ones to experience all the wonderful things in Japan (plus since summer is now only a few days away), I have come up with a kid-friendly itinerary for this must-visit country that you can enjoy! I assure you, every bit of your time spent in this place will be worthwhile.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Kid-Friendly Itinerary: Japan


Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo

1. First on your agenda: food! Head to Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory cafe for some cute and delectable Totoro-themed desserts that the kids are sure to love.

2. Move on to Meiji Jingu Shrine, one of the most symbolic shrines in Tokyo, and get to appreciate the calming nature and peace that surround. You might also be able to spot a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony!

3. End the day in Harajuku where the colorful fashion scene, street art, and cosplay shops, will surely keep the whole family entertained. It’s a cultural hotspot you should not miss when in Japan!


Day 2: Day Trip: Hakone

Less than two hours from the city, and you’ll be transported to an entirely different place. This mountainous town is famous for its onsens (or hot springs), beautiful scenery, views of Mt. Fuji, and museums. And before you head back to the hotel, enjoy an unforgettable ramen dinner at one of the many ramen bars around the city!


Day 3: Overnight Stay: Chiba

Of course you cannot leave Japan without visiting Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba! Spend the night in the Disney Resort, to optimize the magical experience for the kids.


Day 4: Go Around Tokyo

1. Once you get back to Tokyo, pay a visit to Cat Cafe MoCHA Harajuku for a fun time with Japan’s favorite furry friend!

2. From this stylish cat cafe, move on to Senso-ji Temple, which is Tokyo’s oldest temple. This lively destination has several stores around that sell interesting, quirky souvenirs and handicrafts at cheap prices!

3. Cap off your time in Japan at Tokyo Skytree, where you can shop and dine–all while enjoying a vibrant city view like no other.


Day 5: Home Sweet Home

Once you get to Narita Airport, you’ll be entertained by all sorts of activities. If you want one last cultural experience before heading home, head to Kabuki Gate in Terminal 1 where you can immerse your family in the traditional art of kabuki. Got some last minute souvenir shopping to do? Narita Airport has several shops to have all your souvenir needs sorted out!


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    1. Hi Ciara,

      If you’ll be renting a car while you’re in Japan, the law does require that children under 6 use a car seat. So, you can rent one or bring your own. But, if you’ll be traveling using the local public transportation (i.e. taxis, buses, or trains), there’s no need to use a car seat. Hope this helps!

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