5 Breastfeeding Stories of Moms That Will Motivate You (Part 2)

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in breastfeeding. Nursing, pumping, storing–it can be difficult, tiring, and even disheartening. But today, we want to share with you five motivational stories of breastfeeding moms. So if you’ve been looking for the support you need, or even just a relatable story to help pick your mood up, just keep reading!

Baby and Breakfast: Breastfeeding 5 Breastfeeding Stories of Moms that Will Motivate You (Part 2)


Jhem Bon 29, Housewife

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for exactly 1 year and 8 months now. The journey wasn’t smooth, and there were many ups and downs. There was even a time when I wanted to give up, like when my baby started eating solids. There were also other constraints such as low milk supply, unsupportive people who kept telling me to stop breastfeeding because my baby would get too clingy. Having to endure their words and doing everything else was exhausting. Thankfully, until now, I still wake up at night to feed my daughter. Even though it might be painful and tiring, seeing my daughter healthy and happy every single day is so worth it!


Monina Peralta-Icasas 32, Senior Finance Manager

My son, Theo, was born in 2014 with a congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). It’s a rare condition where four defects are present in the heart at the time of birth. We were told that Theo would need surgery, and until then, he couldn’t afford to get sick, his immune system needed to be up, and the hardest of all, he wasn’t allowed to cry for a long period of time. It was then that I committed to give my son the best nutrition and care I could possibly give. So I did my very best to breastfeed my son no matter how challenging it was, especially for a first time mom like me.

The first time I breastfed my son Theo was nine days after his open heart surgery. This was also the first time I held him in my arms—after days of not knowing whether he would make it or not. I can’t begin to describe how happy I was at that moment. Tubes and ventilators were still attached to him, but my little boy was brave and strong—my hero. Theo is 3 years old now, but he was breastfed for 1 year and 9 months. Breastfeeding was my way of giving him the best nutrition—to make him strong, to help him heal from any physical or emotional trauma he had from his surgery, and to give him more hugs and cuddles.


Maria Nina P. Argallon 32, Registered Nurse and Medical Underwriter

I recently gave birth via C section to my second child (after 10 years). When I was able to sit up after my surgery, I tried latching my baby girl for four hours before we finally made it. However, during the first week, I developed sore nipples and clogged milk ducts. I was even advised by some to just stick with mixed feeding because I had low milk supply, and my baby lost a few pounds after ten days. While I don’t have any problem with formula or mixed feeding, I really wanted to breastfeed my baby. If some mothers can do it, I believed I could too. Despite sleepless nights and all the struggles, my baby has now been exclusively breastfeeding for six weeks. Of course, my breastfeeding journey would not have been a successful one without the support of my husband who helped me all throughout this experience.


Coco Shanelle Yao 31, Part time home based Web Designer

I have a 22 month old daughter and a 2 month old son. Both were delivered via C section, and both were directly breastfed since birth. I tandem feed them sometimes since my eldest still wants mommy’s milk. The breastfeeding journey is hard. Sore nipples, engorged breasts, and exhaustion are part of your daily routine. But as the saying goes, “This too shall pass, and it will get better.” Kapit lang! Plus, the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the struggles.


Dareen Donan 31, Teacher

Breastfeeding wasn’t an easy journey for me. It was painful at first, and during the first two weeks, my husband would hold my hands every time I cried. He cooked me food, and made sure I felt good. But because of the support I received from my husband, my son enjoyed my breastmilk until he was 20 months old. Breastfeeding is a commitment that is done by both parents.


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  1. Im, 34 year old first time mom and I am pediatrician. My daughter was delivered via C section while I’m still in my pediatric residency training in a government tertiary hospital in Mindanao. I resumed from my maternity leave earlier, 1 month after giving birth, so that I would not extend my residency training. When I resumed my work, I was assigned to make rounds the well baby newborns in the OB ward. I will start rounds by 7 in the morning until 10 am… after my rounds, I will express my milk through manual pump and store it in our hospital breastfeeding room then I go to Outpatient Department (OPD) to give consult our pedia patients. At 3pm, I will excuse myself again just to express my milk. After 5 pm. I go home with my expressed milk. At night I will exclusively breastmilk my baby. Thats my routine until I finally finished my training when my baby is 4 months old. When I went home in our province, I put up my own clinic and continue breastfeed my baby. I’m grateful that would share my Knowledge and experience to the mothers I encounter in my clinic… I was able to correct their misconceptions towards breastfeeding. My bAby will be turning 1 year this month, proud to be breastfeeding mom/doctor until now. I am a certified advocate of breastfeeding.

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