8 Activities That Can Help Teach Patience to Your Child

Patience is one of the many traits we should teach our little ones. But oftentimes, it is also the hardest to learn. Kids, by nature, are impatient and have a short attention span. They learn more through exploration and involvement rather than instruction. It takes patience and a little bit of creativity on the parents’ part, to teach their children patience. So today, we’re listing down activities that can help teach children the value of patience.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 8 Activities That Can Help Teach Patience to Your Child


1. Play hide and seek

This is a classic game for kids and adults alike! It teaches patience both by hiding from and finding other players.


2. Watch ice melt

This activity is something you can do in the summer. Get a few ice cubes, place them under the sun, and watch them melt. Parents can also take this chance to teach their children the different states of matter–solid, liquid, and gas!


3. Grow plants

Choose a plant that is easy to grow (e.g. monggo or tomatoes). This activity teaches patience in growing the plant, as well as diligence in taking care of it.


4. Catch the drizzle

Can’t go out because of the rain? Set a basin outside and watch it fill up with water! And if your child wants to, you can even have a mini swimming party–it’s perfect for summer!


5. Race pompom balls

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Have colored tapes, straw, and pompom balls ready. Place the colored tapes parallel with each other on the floor, and put a pompom ball in the middle. By blowing through the straw, push the ball until it reaches the end line. If the ball goes out of the lines, it should be redirected back inside. No hands allowed on this one! For variety, you may also use a marble and a spoon.


6. Play a board game

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Board games are great instruments in teaching patience because kids have to learn to wait for their turn. One fun board game kids can play is Cootie. Players race to build a three-dimensional bug called “Cootie”. The game comes with colorful plastic bug body parts, and body parts are acquired by rolling the dice, where each dot on the die corresponds to one body part.


7. Open a birthday gift

A week or few days before your child’s birthday, show him his beautifully wrapped gift. Naturally, kids will get excited and will want to open it right away. Teach them patience by reminding him or her to wait for the big day. Cheer them up with the treat that is to come!


8. Do a jigsaw puzzle together

It can be your kid’s favorite cartoon character, superhero, or even your family’s very own portrait! Having to put pieces of a puzzle together takes patience that your little kiddos can learn. Plus, it’s a great family bonding activity too!


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