7 Brands You Can Check Out for Unique Party Favors

Who else gets super excited receiving party favors and giveaways? I think everybody does, even you, the parents, right? Now we got to admit, favors or giveaways are a major component in any birthday party. Besides giving the kid guests happiness from a cute little takeaway, it serves as a remembrance of that special celebration too! Have a look at these brands that will surely make for a special and unique giveaway for your kid’s next party!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 Brands You Can Check Out for Unique Party Favors


1. La Pomme Party

Their Instagram bio says it all: delightful arts and crafts activities, like decorating a plushie, making cardboard toys, and more! Besides giving the kids a fun activity in the party, whatever the little tots have created can also already serve as the party giveaway. It’s a two-in-one type of thing. No fuss, just lots of fun!


2. Pulseras by Kim

Handstamped jewelry, from rings to necklaces to bracelets! These minimalist-styled jewelry are definitely something the kiddos can wear even long after the party is over. Perfect for the fashionista boys and girls!


3. Human Nature

All-natural bath soaps wrapped in colorful packaging with sweet scents, which moms will love too! They also have baby wash, oil, and lotion products. Plus, a part of what you pay for is given to charity!


4. Tickles

This is your one stop shop for party favors and giveaways. It has all sorts of fun and quirky items, ranging from stuffed toys and pillows to pouches and much more! I’m telling you, there’s something interesting for everyone here!


5. Papemelroti

Handcrafted notebooks with such pretty and inspiring designs (made with recycled paper), are definitely something the kids will be excited about. They can bring the notebooks to school, use it to draw at home, or even scrapbook! This brand also sells other customized stuff, such as designed mugs and keychains!


6. Beyond Stitched

Personalized blankets, aprons, towels, and canvass bags make for a unique (and useful) giveaway idea for the little ones, don’t you think? The super cute colors and simple yet pretty designs are a big plus too!



7. Take Root

Start them young! These guilt-free yet super yummy snacks are sure to intrigue the youngsters. It’ll make them realize that healthy can be yummy! Believe me, the kids’ moms will appreciate this as well.


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