9 Dreamy Inspirations for Your Kids’ Rooms

Thinking of having a home renovation, redesigning your kids’ bedrooms, or simply in the mood for looking at a few room design pegs? Well, here are nine amazing kids’ bedrooms for you that will leave you starry-eyed in no time. Scroll on, enjoy, and be inspired!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 9 Dreamy Inspirations for Your Kids' Rooms


1. Jungle Oasis

Photo via MorganSmithBaritone.com

I love this room mainly because of that realistic-looking, life-size tree! Plus it’s complete with rope swings and bright spotlights! Nature is literally brought from the outside in in this bedroom.


2. Modern Farmhouse

Photo via Melrose Discount Furniture

Who else loves sleeping in a cozily enclosed space? Well, I’m sure I do! And this modernized cottage bed is making me want to snuggle up with all my pillows and stuffed toys around me.


3. Pink Glamour

Photo via Loversiq Design

This, for me, is like a modern-day princess’ retreat. With a sprinkling of glitter and glam, and generous touches of pink, what a girl’s dream bedroom this truly is!


4. Outer Space

Photo via AliExpress

This room is awesome! The color blue captures the space theme perfectly, and I love how there are planet cutouts hanging down from the ceiling. Plus, that wall to the left with the painting of the planets makes for a fun-learning experience right in the bedroom.


5. Retro Meets Dainty

Photo via Neuro-tic.com

The pastel colors in this bedroom blend together so nicely. Besides the girly color scheme, I love the floral prints and the hints of retro elements in the room! Plus, having that nook and desk area are #roomgoals!


6. Dreamy Traveler

Photo via Seiunkel.us

For all the aspiring pilot boys (or girls) out there, this one’s definitely for you! Every detail in this bedroom is on-point–from the dreamy sky and clouds painted on the ceiling, to that beautiful world map mural on the wall!


7. Shabby Chic

Photo via Home Design by Ray

Ahhh, how lovely is this room? The light feminine colors totally got me, and I just love the overall airiness of it. It has this vintage vibe going for it too, which makes me feel like I’m living in a dollhouse!


8. Tropical Paradise

Photo via Sob Nabytek

Being washed up on an island never felt this good. Anyway, kidding aside, this room is so cool! I especially love the palm leaves on the walls, and also those palm tree trunks acting as beams on the ceiling! This bedroom is a castaway kid’s luxury retreat.


9. High in White

Photo via Swap It Green

I think every kid dreams of having a loft bedroom–or in this case, a loft bed! Having your own little space like this makes for a very comforting feeling, and it saves up on a lot of space too! Just being practical!


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