18 Super Relatable Disney GIFs That Totally Nail What Motherhood is All About!

The most profound “advice” I ever received on motherhood came from the movie Moana. My two year old loves it, and when toddlers love any film, you see it not once or twice but hundreds of times. That scene where Te Ka is revealed to be Te Fiti without her heart, rings true for every time my toddler threw a tantrum. The fact that Moana saw Te Ka as the goddess that she is beneath that lava demon, approaching her without judgment or fear, singing the lines “This does not define you, this is not who you are…” gave me chills. It taught me to see my daughter as her highest self, even and especially when she forgets. Time and again, through all these animated classics, we are reminded that Disney is an amazing storyteller. Here are 18 totally relatable Disney GIFs that nail what Motherhood is all about!


When you’re in your first month of pregnancy


v.s. when you’re in your last month of pregnancy


You when the baby finally arrives


When you’re a breastfeeding mom, and be like “I’ll just have a light snack”


When the baby won’t stop crying and you’ve tried everything


What you imagine you and your husband will do once the baby falls asleep


All you REALLY get to do


When you go back to work after your maternity leave and you forget your pump parts


When you realize that you love what you do but love your baby more, so this is you to your job, hobbies, and “me time”


When you get to shower for five minutes, uninterrupted


When you try teaching your kid his first words: “Say mommy! MOMMMYY!”


When insensitive relatives, acquaintances, (and losers) comment on your mom bod


And you deliver your best response


But really, instead of stressing about it you just…


Because no matter how crazy it gets, at the end of the day, you have this




And this


And you wouldn’t change it for the world!


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