5 Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Instantly Spell “I Love You”

Being a mom can be considered one of the toughest jobs in the world–and yet, sometimes, it’s a job that’s easily taken for granted. People already expect moms to be doing mommy things, which is why we all tend to overlook the sacrifices our loving mommies make, and all the hardships they face every single day. So to all the daddies out there, this Mother’s Day, why don’t we try these unique gift ideas that will make her feel all the extra love and care that she definitely deserves on this special day!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 5 Fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Instantly Spell "I Love You"


1. Grab the kids and make a video of the reasons you love her

Come on, you won’t need to post this on Youtube, so go cray, go silly, anything that you think will make her laugh. Get creative and make it fun! She sure will appreciate this priceless little reminder that she is loved and appreciated for being the kind of mom that she is. It’s also a surefire way to lift her up when mommyhood gets a bit tough.


2. Get the house ready for a little spa day just for her

Sure you can always drop her off at a real spa and let her get a much deserved massage, but why not reserve that for another day, and make today all about making her feel all the love? Ask help from the kids to make the house spa ready–clean up and put on her favorite relaxing scent, along with some relaxing background music. Assist the kids in slicing up some cucumber eye masks, mix up some juice or mom’s favorite tea. Prepare all the spa essentials, and get ready to be mom’s personal masseuses for the day.


3. Whip up her favorite snacks

If she’s breastfeeding, you sure know snacking is just as important as her daily dose of fluids. She needs all the extra nutrients for her and your baby’s needs–and if she’s not, well she still absolutely deserves a hearty snack just for being a mom. Surprise her with baked goodies, or why not make her her very own spreads and dips! Whip up some chocolate spread, strawberry jam, guacamole dip, kale or spinach dip, or dill spread, for her to enjoy.


4. Write and sing her a song

You don’t need to be a professional composer or singer to sweep her off her feet–she already married you LOL! Sometimes, all you need is a little something out of the blue to make her get all kilig again. Try writing a song, or changing the lyrics to her favorite tune, and make it all about her. Make it a little more heartwarming by asking the kids to sing with you too!


5. Bring back that pre-mommy feeling, and go on a date

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, and while she sure will appreciate doing fun family bonding activities with the kids, every mom needs a little break too. Get her in touch with her pre-mommy self again by doing something she absolutely loves and maybe, has forgotten to make time for. Did she love going to art museums or spending time at coffee shops talking about anything under the sun? Give her a day free of babies and worries by letting her get all dolled up for a date.


Whatever you choose to do, make it a beautiful reminder that you appreciate all her hard work and sacrifices, and that, the kind of mom she is, will always be enough.


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