9 Tips to Help Make Your Maternity Shoot Look Even Better

Thinking of having a maternity shoot, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, momma! We’re here to help you! While there’s no doubt you’re going to look awesome in your shoot, we’re listing down some tips to help make your maternity shoot look even better. Check them out below!

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity 9 Tips to Help Make Your Maternity Shoot Look Even Better


1. Choose a photographer you’re comfortable with

Photographer: Rainbowfish Photography | Maternity Shoot: Beyond Happily Ever After

Before anything else, you have to choose a photographer who you’re comfortable with. Do your research before hand, and check for the photographer’s portfolios and previous works. Do you like what you’re seeing? Always try to schedule a meeting before your shoot, just to get to know each other a little more. Do you get along together? If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go!


2. Think about your timing

Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Maternity Shoot: Simple Surprise

When should you have your maternity shoot? We would say around your seventh month into pregnancy. That way you’ll have a nice baby bump to show off to the camera, and (hopefully!) your morning sickness will have ended by then. Plus, your pregnancy glow will be at its finest!


3. Find the perfect location

Photographer: JP Velarde | Maternity Shoot: A Heartwarming Maternity Shoot in Sydney, Australia

Ahh, location, location, location. While location is key, don’t try to overthink it. Whether it’s outdoors in a beach or garden, or indoors in a hotel or in your own home, think about your priorities. Are you prioritizing comfort, sentiment, or a scenic backdrop? Answering this question will help you narrow down your options. Another thing you can do is ask your photographer for recommendations. Remember, that your photographer has experience doing this, and may actually have suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of.


4. Pick clothes that complement your baby bump

Photographer: Jess Panajon Photography | Maternity Shoot: A Stunning Maternity Shoot at The Henry Hotel Manila

Because it’s a maternity shoot, of course you have to pick clothes that highlight your baby bump! And you’ve got so many options! Solid colors, belts, dresses with empire waists, body-hugging tops–you can even layer clothes, like wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt over a body-hugging camisole! And if you want to wear more than one outfit, we’re totally for it!


5. Get your hair and makeup done

Photographer: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography | Maternity Shoot: From Wed to Womb

This is more of an option since it’ll help you feel more beautiful and confident. You can hire a professional hair and makeup artist, visit your salon before your shoot, or even do your hair and makeup yourself! And if you choose to go au naturale, then go ahead and do you momma!


6. Go for more natural poses

Photographer: Charly Fotographie | Maternity Shoot: A Classy Maternity Shoot in Singapore

Don’t worry, your photographer will help direct you with the poses, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research and practice on your own! Go through maternity shoots online, and study how other women pose. Choose what you like, and try it out in front of your bathroom mirror.


7. Use props

Photographer: J+G Photography | Maternity Shoot: An Outdoor Maternity Shoot in Singapore with Charming Details

This is another option you can choose to do. You don’t have to go full on props and hire an event stylist though. Props like your baby’s clothes or shoes, first ultrasound photo, a few toys, a board with your baby’s name, or some balloons are a few examples. The key to using props is just to choose a few. You don’t want to overload the photo, and have the props take the spotlight away from you.


8. Involve your hubby (and kids)

Photographer: Metrophoto | Maternity Shoot: Galloping By the Sea

If you want to, you can choose to make your maternity shoot a bonding activity with your husband (and kids if you already have some). After all, it’s not just you who will be welcoming a new baby into the family, your husband and kids will now have another family member to look forward to. And hey, this is a chance for your family to get a nice family pic too!


9. Have fun!

Photographer: Lloyed Valenzuela | Maternity Shoot: Blooms and Brights

And last but definitely not the least, have fun! It might seem a little awkward at first, what with the posing and everything, but just remember why you’re doing this. Think about your emotions–the joy and happiness that you have knowing that a new baby is on the way–because if you’re enjoying yourself in your shoot, then it’ll definitely show in the photos!


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