10 More Restaurants You Can Eat in For Mother’s Day

Mom: A title just above queen. How many times have you put your cravings aside because your partner or kids wanted something else. Well, this time you call the shots! It’s your day and we want you to make the most of it. If you’ve already seen our first list of cool restaurants to eat in, but want more options, we’ve got you covered! This new list will have all kinds of restaurants for you to visit on your special day. So swipe down, make plans, and remember to tag your hubby in this post!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Restaurants You Can Eat in for Mother's Day (Part 2)


Mama Lou's

Hearty, savory, and utterly delicious are just some words that describe the Italian feast you will be having if you dine at Mama Lou’s. This all-time staple has become one of the places I visit religiously. What can I say, once you have the pizza and pastas here you’ll forget everything else. They can accommodate a big party as well, so bring a large group and have fun!



After your Sunday stroll in BGC, we truly want you to check out the scene at Caravan. They’ve got amazing coffee and desserts! Treat yourself to some yummy goodness because Mother’s Day is your day, and for once you can pick the place! I reckon they have the best flat white in the city.


Hamaru Yakitori and Sushi

This place brings a modern twist on Japanese food and drinks. A hidden gem along Tandang Sora, I could go on and on about the food, but you should go and have a taste for yourself! Kick back and enjoy a cold beer with the fresh produce in this fab Japanese eatery.


Royal Indian Curry House

Moms, if you’re looking for authentic Indian food, you must have a meal at R.I.C.H. The butter chicken, naans (flat bread), and the biryani are mouthwatering. Word has it the chefs have cooked for the prime minister of India during his recent visit in the Philippines. I’m telling you, this is the real deal!



This place calls for a special occasion. The refined approach to Filipino food is excellent. The degustation menu in Toyo will blow you away. From the precision of the courses, to the flavor profile of each and every dish, everything is beyond perfect! It’s that one meal that will be carved into your memory forever.

P.S. – It’s an open kitchen which makes it a treat for the eyes too!



Indonesian cuisine is packed with intense flavor which keeps you wanting more. A gem hidden in the streets of Legazpi, Garuda proves that good food should not come with a big price tag. Make sure to get the Rendang, Muratabak, and the Pandan cake! I promise, you will love it.


Exchange Alley

Sipping your morning cup of coffee is like Mission Impossible part 5. This Mother’s Day we want you to start it with Exchange Alley. You deserve that perfect brew with the right ratio of milk and espresso. It’s the best coffee experience. Black, white, or drip, they have it all!



Cumin, harrissa, garlic–basically, spice heaven! Enjoy a hearty meal in this Mediterranean heaven, serving you all the best mezze’s in the metro! It’s the best kind of comfort food packed with so much flavor. Yummy!


Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

It’s Mother’s Day, so don’t count the calories and make sure to dive into the oozing Burrata at Gino’s! Having artisan pizza is always the way to go. At the end of your meal, get the Nutella soup because today no one is watching you! Also, Gino’s has more than four branches!


Soru Izakaya

Located along Maginhawa street, this place will definitely wow you. Japanese cuisine is the one of the cuisines were second servings are a must! Fill your day with the best sushis, sashimi, and bowls! Plus, I’ve heard the cocktails here are great too!


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