Wake Your Inner Adventurer and Celebrate Mother’s Days with These 5 Exciting Activities!

Taking charge of a household can be quite a task–making sure the kids have baon everyday, the clothes are laundered, the house is clean, everyone’s taking their vitamins, etc. And because moms always need to be put together (to keep the whole family sane of course!), their family, or sometimes, even their own selves, can forget just how fun and spontaneous they can actually be. Make her remember the good times with these super kickass Mother’s Day ideas that will bring out your mom’s cool and adventurous side.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Wake Your Inner Adventurer and Celebrate Mother's Day with These 5 Exciting Activities!


1. Let her experience wall climbing

Adventure can be found in the city with something as exciting as wall climbing. Give your mom a different kind of fulfilment as she takes on this new sport. You can check out Climb Central Manila, Power Up, Urban Peak, and Sandugo for climbing places. And who knows, it may even develop into a new hobby!


2. Go on a random road trip

Most of the time, moms are all about itineraries. But for Mother’s Day, why not surprise her with a random road trip to help her let loose and just enjoy the moment? Did you once hear her say she wants to see the windmills at Ilocos? Or maybe do some sunset watching by the beach at Batangas or Zambales? Why don’t you just go for it, then just see where the day will take you. Sometimes, random and unplanned trips turn out to be the best ones.


3. Level up with a hiking trip

There are a lot of mountains that are beginner-friendly. Choose what’s best for your mom, and let her experience a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day celebration that’ll definitely be one for the books. This will totally be different from the challenges of keeping up with the household, but it’ll definitely be worth it. And hey, hiking is something everyone should try at least once in their life, right?


4. Take her out in the waves for some surfing lessons

This may be quite extreme, but with the right instructor, and the perfect waves, we’re pretty sure your mom will have the time of her life. Who says surfing is only for the young? It’s not too late to let your mom feel the rush and excitement that surfing can give. Let her try it at least once, and who knows, she might be the one planning the next family vacation to Baler or La Union!


5. Go camping

Camping can be a great way to bond with the family, and family bonding activities will always be mom’s favorite. Go camping by the beach or at the peak of a mountain. Set up a bonfire, ditch the gadgets, and have some quality time with the family–sharing stories, singing songs, playing games, or simply star gazing.


Make it one memorable Mother’s Day celebration that will not only be something the whole family can talk about for years, but one that will make your mom feel that you love spending time with her, going on adventures with her, and making wonderful memories together.


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