13 Home Stores You Will Fall in Love With

Is it just me, or does going around home stores feel like a therapeutic session? There’s definitely something about seeing aesthetic designs, beautiful furniture, and unique home decor that make me feel so happy! If you’re looking to renovate your home and redesign your space, or, if like me, you’re just a lover of interior decor, then you’re surely going to want to check out these amazing home stores!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 13 Home Stores You Will Fall in Love With


1. Philux

I love the furniture at this home store because they’re not only incredibly chic, they’ve got subtle hints of oriental influence, that make them look classy and opulent!


2. Pietro Collection

Gold, glamour, and oozing with intricate detail. I’m telling you, fancy is the name of the game at this store! If the furniture here doesn’t scream luxe to you, I don’t know what will.


3. Crate & Barrel

For me, this home store has always been the epitome of mid-century modern. It’s grown to become a well-loved brand in the industry. It’s millennial, it’s contemporary–seriously, what’s not to love?


4. Blue Carreon Home

The sense of individuality together with the geometric shapes and designs, and interesting material used for their decor and art pieces, make me want to shop here ASAP!


5. H&M Home

Affordable and absolutely stylish, who knew this trendy brand had a furniture line too? Check out their soft colors, fun prints, and bold patterns! The go-to brand for anything aesthetic!


6. Casa Ligna

If you’re the clean lines type of person, then you’re sure to love this place! Plus, a majority of their furniture are made out of wood–sturdy and gorgeous! You’ll fall for every piece here.


7. The Old Wood PH

Going with what their social media bio says, “Breathing new life into old wood,” this home store specializes in handcrafted furniture. And what’s even better is that they’re all proudly Philippine made!


8. Pottery Barn

One of my personal favorites! There’s something about their muted tones, classic lines, and touches of modernity that make me fall in love with every furniture piece every single time.


9. Shelter Manila

Fashionable and sophisticated, your place is going to look like something straight out of a magazine once you shop here! Now who wouldn’t want that, right?


10. Mandaue Foam

For the one who’s not afraid to explore and experiment with color, head to this furniture place now! Be ready for a load of color, bold prints, and fun and fearless designs.


11. Urban Abode

Tropical posh is how I would describe the furniture pieces at this home store. If you want your home to look like an oasis, you now know where to go. The nice balance of masculinity and femininity in their designs is a big plus too!


12. Open House Manila

The beautifully modern furniture and graphic art here will look amazing in just about any space. I assure you, whatever you buy here will turn out as a great accent piece in your home.




13. Archipelago

Just by looking at the sleek and classy home decor from this store, I can already imagine my home being transformed into such a modern and trendy space! I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too once you get your eyes on their pieces!

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