5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Photo Book Collection

I love taking photos of my family! Chances are you do too. Since most phones have cameras nowadays, it’s even much easier to just pull out your phone and take a snap anytime and anywhere. But more often than not, your photos end up just staying on your phone or on your computer. So that actually got me thinking, and I wrote down five reasons why you should start making your own digital scrapbooks, and also how it’s actually pretty convenient to have your photo books done and printed online!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Photo Book Collection


1. Having physical photo books serve as amazing tools to reminisce and share stories with your kids

While photo albums are great, a well-designed photo book with nice captions, backgrounds, and stickers, is actually something parents can use to engage their kids. Having a photo book of a vacation you had years back and showing it to your kids is a good way to ask them what they remember from the trip. Or even sharing with their younger siblings in the family who weren’t there, will allow the older ones to share how much fun they had. This is a great way to remind your kids of the fun memories you had with them.


2. They serve as great entertaining material for friends and relatives coming over

There’s something so fun about going through photo books. You’ll be surprised at how your guests at home actually love it too. Having photo books easily accessible on your coffee table serve as great conversation pieces with people who visit your home. Fun photos are always good for entertaining topics. What’s also good about having photo book collections is that you can categorize them so you know what you can share with your specific guests.


3. They can be used as keepsakes for your family

I remember growing up and asking my mom for some of my photos as a child. Now your kids can also collect their own photo books from you, complete with details and stories told from your own perspective! Even if photos get erased from your phone, your kids will always have the photo books, even when they grow older.


4. They can actually be gifts to your kid’s grandparents or classmates and friends

Collect some of the best photos your children have with their grandparents, make a photo book, have it printed, and give it to them—I guarantee the grandparents will love that! Or if your kid has a group of friends they always spend time with, take random play date photos and make a photo book out of them. Your children will love looking through friendships they built over the years.


5. They can also tell your personal love story

For husbands and wives, don’t forget to also collect your photos as a couple, and have your own special photo books through the years as you grow old together. You will thank yourself for collecting them over the years, as you look through them and relive your love story together. I’m already tearing up thinking about it!


Thankfully, having photo book collections are so convenient now. Gone are the days when you had to go to a store, print photos, and stick them in photo album sleeves. With the technology that we have today, even people who are not so artistic or creative (like me!) can create their own digital scrapbooks to document their memories! I actually stumbled upon Photokeeps and tried it out. I loved how it was so easy to do, and that I actually finally got to print photos from my phone. Give it a shot, I’m pretty sure you’ll get hooked as well.


Need some help getting started? I’ve included a short and easy to follow tutorial for you below!


Start your own personalized photo book by visiting Photokeeps’ website here. For more details, you can reach them through their Facebook page.

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