8 Things Every Expectant Mother Needs to Have

Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman’s life. Besides celebrating the moment you learn you’re expecting, there are also a ton of things you have to do and prepare for. Your body will encounter a lot of changes during your pregnancy, and it’s essential to feel as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Nine months is quite a long time after all! Here is a list of items that every expectant mom will find useful during her entire pregnancy journey.

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity 8 Things Every Expectant Mother Needs to Have


1. Maternity clothes

Prepare a whole new wardrobe–from your tops, pants, dresses, and even your intimate wear! Invest in good quality tops that are made from stretchy and breathable fabric. You’ll also want to get maternity or nursing bras that you can use even after you give birth and start breastfeeding. Your bras should be able to provide the needed support for heavier and more sensitive breasts. You can also opt to use bra extenders if necessary. For dresses, maxi dresses are a good choice, as they are comfortable and can stretch as your baby bump grows. As for the pants, preggy moms can choose from maternity jeans, leggings, or even stylish yoga pants!


2. Comfortable footwear

Whether slip-ons or sneakers, any pregnant woman should have a pair of comfortable footwear. When it comes to choosing shoes, a warm, snug slipper or a gel-supported, open type shoe will really make a big difference–trust us, your feet will be thanking you later! Just like clothing, it’s best to have something soft and breathable for your feet.


3. Moisturizing lotion or anti-stretch mark cream

A lot of women suffer from dry skin when pregnant. Not to mention one of the things they worry about–stretch marks! Stock up on lotions to aid in skin hydration and reduce the appearance of these stripes. Most of these nourishing creams contain Vitamin E, Shea butter, and coconut that help improve elasticity and make your skin itch-free and moisturized.


4. Body pillows

Body aches in the back and belly are common during pregnancy. This usually interferes with sleeping, too. To address this, a specially designed body pillow comes to the rescue! It adjusts to your sleeping form, providing the best cushion and support. Good for side or back sleepers alike!


5. Maternity support belt

Another item that can help lessen those back pains is a maternity support belt. It can be difficult to move around the house or outside, especially with a growing belly, and a maternity support belt will act as your support and lift. It corrects posture and eliminates pressure points, usually from the lower back.


6. Prenatal vitamins

Apart from good diet and exercise, having prenatal vitamins is important to prepare both you and your baby. By taking the correct vitamins and minerals, expectant moms help their bodies keep up with the changes, as well as aid in their baby’s development and can help reduce the risk of birth defects. If you’re unsure of what vitamins to take, we recommend consulting with your OB-GYN.


7. Emergency snacks

They say that pregnant women are laging gutom or always hungry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since they have a growing human being inside of them. Getting snacks like yogurt, trail mix, granola bars, or crackers can help keep your growling stomach at bay.


8. Your own playlist

Creating that psych up playlist on your phone, laptop, or music player is also an important part in prepping for pregnancy. From EDM to smooth jazz, or even hard rock, as long as the mind gets that “I’m ready” state, then rock on! Mental preparation is just as important as all the other physical aspects of pregnancy. A strong mind begets a strong body.


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