9 Charming Restaurants Where You Can Have Your Kid’s Party In

Good grub and a good ambiance–yep, these make for an awesome party. So we put together this list of pretty restaurants that serve up some amazing dishes for your kid’s celebration to be one fun, food-filled experience! Check it out!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 9 Charming Restaurants Where You Can Have Your Kid's Party In


1. Limbaga 77

Filipino cuisine on point is the name of the game for this restaurant. Sophisticated yet still traditional, you will be sure to enjoy the classic (and classy) dishes this place serves up!


2. Bubba Gump

No one says no to seafood! Go ahead and try out all the delicious and full-on flavored grub this restaurant offers! Oh, and did I mention they’ve got an ambience that feels like a small-town island shack?


3. Chef Jessie Restaurants

If you want delicious and gourmet-style cooking, now you’ve got to head over here! They serve up a good plate of awesome flavors for those with unique-loving taste buds.


4. Pio’s Kitchen

Did someone say paella? I’m telling you, this cozy restaurant cooks up some amazing paella (it’s their specialty!), plus their lovely place is just about perfect for intimate parties and gatherings!


5. Paul Boulangerie

For all the fancy folks out there, this one’s for you. Beautiful interiors, delectable treats, with a fine-dining style, this is definitely a place you and your guests will adore!


6. Mama Lous

Mamma mia! Pastas, pizzas, and all things scrumptiously Italian, it’s about time you try out this authentically delicious place, because good Italian food is life! I can seriously hear my stomach grumbling now.


7. Earth Kitchen

Healthy, local, and sustainable, their Instagram account says it all. Remember, healthy can be yummy, and this up and coming restaurant proves that point with its uniquely palatable dishes!


8. Stacy’s Home

Cute and dainty–throwing your little girl a tea party here would be a no-brainer decision. The interiors and the pastel colors are just adorable, and the food (most especially the desserts!) look almost too pretty to eat!


9. Wooden Spoon

My mouth is watering just by thinking about celebrity Chef Sandy Daza’s food! I love this restaurant’s Filipino cooking because it hits close to home–and the cozy, Filipino-inspired interiors make the overall experience even better.


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