9 Restaurants to Treat Dad to on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up! What’s a great way to celebrate? With family, fun, and food of course! This Father’s Day, it’s time you treat your best hubby daddies to extra delish restaurants. We made planning easier for you by rounding up nine restaurants with great food for the greatest dad there is! Just like how they fill you with love and happiness, it’s your turn to fill them (and their stomachs) with these restos’ delicious dishes!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 9 Restaurant to Treat Dad to on Father's Day


1. Trattoria Altrove

One can’t resist pizzas and pastas, especially if they’re authentically Italian! This restaurant’s dishes will have your mouths watering in no time. Oh, and don’t leave without trying their brick-oven pizza!



2. BBB Express

If you’re looking for some Big Better Burgers, then this is the place to go! This place isn’t afraid to play around with different ingredients, and they’ve got more than a dozen different burger flavors to choose from! P.S. – Their potato wedges are to die for!


3. Casa Verde

A mix of American, Mexican, and all things delicious, you’re sure to love the crave-worthy food here! Their big portions are absolutely perfect for big families too!


4. Grind Bistro

A sophisticated bistro Americano for you and your family to enjoy! Homey American cooking with a dash of fine dining, there’s really nothing more to love.


5. Linguini Fini

When it’s fresh and homemade, you can taste it. The pizzas and pastas in this American-Italian restaurant are 100% homemade, you’ll surely taste the delicioso difference!


6. Mamou

This restaurant’s home-cooked dishes are so good, you’ll be coming back for more in no time. I especially love their pastas, but you should really go give every dish from their menu a try!


7. Ooma

Your appetites will be stirred by this restaurant’s modern Japanese cuisine! Once you get a taste of the fusion dishes this place serves up, you’ll be hooked.



8. Tender Bob’s

Who doesn’t love the classic steaks, burgers, and fries? Well, I definitely can’t get enough of the ones here. Plus, their unique cake shakes make for the perfect drink complement!


9. Yushoken

This famous ramen restaurant will give you love in a bowl, trust me! You’ll taste the flavorful goodness right from the first sip.


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