You Need to Try This Cool App With Your Kids–It is Educational and Promotes Family Bonding!

We don’t know about you, but bonding moments with our families are some of the most precious memories of our lives. You can’t put a price on the time you and your spouse get to spend with your kids, and nothing warms our hearts more than seeing the whole family together. Besides the usual road trip, eating out in restaurants, or watching movies, we wanted to see if there were other unique ways we could bond with our families. So we downloaded the Magic Kinder app, and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only very entertaining, but something that could help your families bond as well. Read on to see more of our reasons below!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends You Need to Try this Cool App with Your Kids It is Educational and Promotes Family Bonding!


1. It’s an app that not only engages your child but allows other members of the family to participate.

We bet that when you think of the words ‘family bonding’, the last thing that comes to mind is an app. After all, being on your phones or tablets can be seen as anti-social, right? Well, we found an exception! The Magic Kinder app is an interactive app, specifically designed to help families play and learn together through engaging games, activities, and videos.


2. It’s never boring because of the numerous activities to try out, plus it’s regularly updated with new ones too!

Besides the many educational games within the app that your kids can choose from, the Magic Kinder app also focuses on delivering learning opportunities through storytelling, videos, drawing and painting, and they even provide tutorials for cultural recipes and arts and crafts! The content constantly changes, so you can be sure that your whole family will always have new things to learn.


3. You can unlock bonus surprises with toys your kids can find in their favorite treat.

Are you familiar with Kinder Joy? You know, the delicious chocolate eggs that come with a toy inside? The kids are always looking to collect and play with the toys that come with it, and with the Magic Kinder app, they can simply scan the QR code found in the egg, and they’ll be able to unlock another surprise within the app. How cool is that?


4. You’re not limited to your location.

Sometimes, family bonding time can be hard to organize. You have to think of the logistics, like how to get there and how long the travel time will be. But with the Magic Kinder app, you don’t have to worry about those things at all. You can use the app at home or on the road, as long as you have internet connection, you can be guaranteed some fun family time together!


5. You don’t have to spend a thing.

Another thing that hinders people from having some quality bonding time is budget. Going to the movies, eating out, and going on a road trip all require doling out a bit of cash. So if you’re on a budget, or just don’t want to spend, stay at home and discover the world (fact: we learned about animals today) with the Magic Kinder app—which is completely free! All you have to do is download it, and voila!


6. It doesn’t take up much of your time.

If you’ve got a little gadget boy or girl who easily gets hooked to new games, you don’t have to worry. There’s a parent section in the app (PIN-protected of course!) that allows you to manage and personalize the account, and even set time limits, giving you control over the usage of the app. We’re telling you, they thought of everything!


7. It’s a great conversation starter.

Even after you put down your phone or tablet, the bonding time doesn’t end there. Strike up a conversation at the dinner table about some interesting facts you all learned from the Magic Kinder app, and you’ll see how easily (and excitedly) the conversation flows!


You can download the free Magic Kinder app from the App Store or Google Play. You can also find Kinder Joy in all leading supermarkets and department stores, nationwide.


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