Ocean’s Sunny Pre-Birthday Photos Will Blow You Away!

Well, hello there! Shall we whisk you away today? Ocean had a pre-birthday shoot at the beach, and the fun and breezy photos are truly an example of how important it is to get under the sun, breathe in the salty air, and lay on the sand aimlessly. Thank you to Paelo Pedrajas for sending in these photos that are making me daydream about the blue water! I’m completely mesmerized by how a natural setting, so readily available to everyone, can add so much character. Don’t believe me? Check out the snaps for yourself!

Baby and Breakfast: Real Shoots Ocean's Casual Pre-Birthday Shoot at the Beach

Photographer: Paelo Pedrajas / Videographer and Stylist: Kat Efenio / Venue: Morong, Bataan

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