14 Real Moments in Marriage that Every Couple Experiences

My husband and I dated and traveled a lot together for five years before we tied the knot. You’d think after all that time that life after marriage would hardly be surprising but until you actually live with someone 24/7, build a life, a home, and a family together, will you only know the truth: People change–along with your relationship–in the best possible way. Here’s a look at what marriage is like, and the real moments that every couple experiences.



The day after your wedding


The joy of waking up every day to your best friend


The first time you introduce each other as “my husband” or “my wife”


Trips to Home Depot, the grocery store, and hardware store are actually exhilarating


Your idea of a perfect night evolves


Not only do you start to look alike, you unconsciously dress alike


Weird doesn’t exist anymore


You will have epic fights


You will not always like each other


You don’t only marry your spouse but also each other’s family


Some days, marriage is everything you’ve ever dreamed of


Some days, it will take so much work


At some point, you will think about calling it quits


But in the end


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