A Vintage Birthday Tea Party for Carri

Just like entering a cozy home, Carri’s birthday invites you to take some tea, a slice of cake, and enjoy good company. Thank you to Artystafoto Kids for letting us take a seat and enjoy a warm afternoon of pastries and cool quenchers with the lovely birthday celebrant, Carri. Cool down with some lemonade, and keep scrolling!

Baby and Breakfast: A Vintage Birthday Tea Party for Carri

What we’re digging:

  • Her quaint celebration in Stacy’s, with its classic interiors, feels like a step into another era.
  • I love how the event was styled in a way that would entice both adults and children. With the floral and pastel combination, and touches of wood, lace, and gold, I’d say that they totally achieved their job!
  • Aside from the interiors, the desserts stood out too–simple yet charming, appropriate for a quaint and intimate afternoon celebration.
  • It may be an indoor tea party, but the touch of grass in the corner, along with the classic white fences, almost feels like a picnic under the sun.

Photographer: Artystafoto Kids / Venue: Stacy’s / Event Stylist: Maria Agida Jao Castañeda

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