7 Beautiful Kitchens You Can Take Inspiration From for Your Own Home

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. It’s where stomachs are filled and souls are fed. I love how family time is usually centered around the kitchen, with conversation and cooking going hand-in-hand! For today, we rounded up seven amazing kitchen spaces that will get you dreaming and inspired in no time. Because really, when you’ve got kitchens this beautiful, cooking will surely become less of a chore!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 Beautiful Kitchen Inspirations You Will Love


1. Grand Country

Photo via LA Confidential Magazine

Is it just me, or does this kitchen look so grand? The high ceilings, huge window, with the natural light peeping through, and brown and cream color scheme make this space look so country posh! I am loving how the wood and stone elements work so nicely together too.


2. Classy Chic

Photo via House Beautiful

Oooh, subway tiles as the backsplash always add a beautiful touch to kitchens! Plus, the gold accents and cool grey-blue colored cabinetry blend in the space so perfectly. I am digging how fresh this whole space looks–it has got to be one of my favorite designs!


3. Modern Sleek

Photo via vitlt.com

For me, to have skylights (windows on the ceilings) in your kitchen, is ultimate #kitchengoals. This kitchen looks amazing with its sleek, black, shiny island counters and cabinets! Seriously, it looks like a kitchen out of the movies.


4. Quirky Sophisticated

Photo via Decorpad

Two things I love when it comes to kitchen designs: colored counters or cabinets and patterned floor tiles! They just add such a bold and grounding statement to the overall space, and not to mention a super stylish touch too. That teal, black, gold combo is so trendy!


5. Cozy Contemporary

Photo via Pdxplate.com

A white marble island countertop, natural wooden beams, white cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances–is there anything more to love? There’s a really good balance of traditional and contemporary in this cozy yet modern kitchen design!


6. All-White Glamour

Photo via Elizabeth Terrell

One can never go wrong with an all-white look, and this applies to kitchens too! This dreamy kitchen looks so elegant, stylish, and glamorous–I am in love. The touches of silver and pretty molding details really tie this whole design together!


7. Earthy Modern

Photo via touchsa.co

I personally think neutral tones and clean lines make for a fool-proof combination for having a beautiful kitchen. The earthy colors and modern look give this kitchen a natural yet sophisticated feel, which I am currently obsessing over!


So, which kitchen design is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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