9 Healthy Food Brands for Your Kids’ School Snacks

Every mom knows how important picking the right food for your child is. Because of this, we rounded up nine healthy food brands your kids can snack on in school, and at home too. They’re so yummy, your kid won’t even realize they’re snacking on something healthy!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 9 Healthy Food Brands for Your Kids' School Snacks


1. Fitbar PH

You’ll have no worries with what your kids are snacking on, with these low-calorie and yummy snack bars!


2. Fresh Start Organic

Their natural and lard freeΒ piayas are just as delicious as other snacks, minus the artificial flavorings!

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It's very rare nowadays to find snacks that don't contain high fructose corn syrup, toxic chemicals or any other additives that are detrimental to ones health. We find that it is our obligation, as a promoter of good health and emvironmental conservation, to provide our consumers a much healthier alternative to our usual "toxic filled" snacks. Meet our NATURAL and LARD FREE piaya made from all natural, clean, wholesome, and honest ingredients. It's as yummy as any other snacks out there with lots of natural flavorings but it's a better and healthier snack option. #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #native #organic #freshstartorganic #natural #piaya #negrosproduce #negros #ntf2014 #negrostradefair #smilesbeyondborders

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3. Hacienda Macalauan

Super yummy (and healthy), they have yogurts with the best flavor combinations in town! Their fresh premium dairy is something they take very seriously!


4. Healthy Options

All you want in a health store, take your kids out for some grocery shopping and fill them with all the different healthy goodies found here!


5. The Honest Crop

Say goodbye to unhealthy chips! These sweet potato, taro, and banana chips are the new deal, moms!


6. Kangaroo Nuts PH

Keep your kids’ mind and body strong, give them some brain food, and boost their energy with these delicious, goodness-filled nuts!


7. Raw Bites Box

No more excuses, moms! You can get all the healthy snacks you love in one box, and delivered right to your doorstep!


8. The Superfood Grocer

Their nutrient-packed treats are great for adding to your meals, or having them as snacks on their own! They’ve got ice cream too, which your kids will surely love!


9. Take Root PH

These junk-free snacks will totally make your kids forget that they’re munching on vegetables!


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