8 Sweet Ideas for Your Maternity Shoot

Congratulations Momma, you are glowing! Time to document this beautiful miracle happening in your body (even if it doesn’t feel beautiful or miraculous all the time)! A maternity shoot is something to look back on, and sharing these moments with your family, friends, and future child will be nothing short of amazing. Of course, like many other milestones in your life, there is no cookie cutter approach to a maternity shoot. You can choose to infuse as much as your personality, creativity, or story into it as possible. To inspire you, here are eight sweet maternity shoot ideas we love!

Baby and Breakfast: Maternity Sweet Ideas for Your Maternity Shoot


1. If you have decided on your baby’s name, use it!

Photographer: Louie Arcilla Lifestyle Photography | Maternity Shoot: Classic Chic

Look at that adorable teepee with “Adriana” sewn onto it. It just makes this gorgeous shot sweeter!


2. Pun Intended

Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Baby and Breakfast Editorial: The Pats and the PATato

If humor is more your style, have a fun shoot with balloons as Mommy is ”about to pop”.


3. Make it a family affair

Photographer: Metrophoto | Maternity Shoot: Galloping By the Sea

Include Daddy, your children, even your family pet, (along with any animal of your choice, aren’t horses awesome?) and go somewhere idyllic to make for a dramatically creative shoot that doubles as a mini vacation for everyone.


4. Wear a flower crown

Photographer: MangoRed | Maternity Shoot: Enchanting and Expecting

Nothing adds a more whimsical or bohemian vibe than a beautiful floral headdress. Don’t you think so?


5. Embrace an out-of-the-box backdrop

Photographer: Artystafoto | Maternity Shoot: Sheila’s Elegant Industrial Themed Maternity Shoot

Like this inimitable industrial themed shoot that I’m honestly a little in love with!


6. Choose a bold, daring gown to highlight your bump

Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Maternity Shoot: A Romantic Maternity Shoot in a Forest

There is no rule about “the maternity dress,” so it can be as simple or as glam as you want it to be. Just look at this bold, crimson gown!


7. Show the baby’s nursery

Photographer: Manny and April Photography | Maternity Shoot: Ethereal and Expecting

If everything is ready, take this chance to document what the baby’s room looks like because chances are, it will be very different in a short amount of time.


8. Have Daddy take the shot

I read somewhere that “It is through the eyes of the person who loves you deepest that you are most beautiful.” While my husband is no professional photographer, this picture is all the more special because he took it. I mean, check out the reflection!


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