We Asked Moms to Tell Us What They Did to Help Increase Their Milk Supply

“I want to increase my milk supply. What should I do?” is a common question and concern for breastfeeding moms. We all want to make sure that we produce enough milk for our babies. So we asked you moms to share with us what you do to help increase your milk supply. Read on from some tried and tested tips from fellow breastfeeding moms.

P.S. – If you’ve got tips you want to share about how you helped increase your milk supply, let us know in the comments below!

Feed Love Presents Moms Tell Us What They Did to Help Increase Their Milk Supply


Unli latch

By far the most popular way to help increase their milk supply, moms stated that unli latch–letting your baby consistently feed at your breast–is the way to go. While the first few latches may be difficult or painful, just keep up the effort, because it is worth it!

Unli latch. It also gives comfort to my baby, and allows us to spend quality time together. Melissa Paula Javier


Malunggay Supplements

Studies have shown that moringa oleifera, or malunggay, as we like to call it, have helped increase milk production by up to 50%. This unassuming plant can be made into soups, drinks, or taken as supplements for a more concentrated effect.

I took Natalac (a malunggay breastfeeding supplement) a lot when I was still pregnant, and it helped me a lot when I was breastfeeding. Adelren Yaba


Lactation treats

Besides malunggay, many local brands offer lactation treats like cookies, brownies, and other sweets that can help increase milk supply. That way you can assist your milk production with the added bonus of enjoying a sweet treat!

Lactation treats, brownies, cookies, ice cream, muffins, and malunggay drinks. Karlotta Joy Galang-Del Mar



Another way you can help increase your milk supply is by pumping. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, continuous pumping in between your breastfeeding sessions can help your breast milk increase.

Pumping as often as needed (making sure to get as much milk out as possible), eating lactation treats, and drinking vitamins and supplements. Karen Anne Calaquian



For the brave mommies out there, here’s something you might not have thought of. Acupuncture–while it might sound a bit scary–has actually helped some moms increase their milk supply.

I had an acupuncture session to increase my milk supply. I also increased my water intake. Myka Velasquez



Sleeping with your baby in bed with you can help in the sense that you’ve got them by your side and can feed him or her through the night. It’ll be easier to feed your baby if he or she is near you, as compared to your little one being in a crib or another room.

Co-sleeping and unli latch all the way. Plus drinking lots of water and eating all the food. Rachael Robinstein


Hyrdating and eating

As simple as this sounds, you mustn’t forget about keeping yourself hydrated and having a full stomach. You’ll need the water and food to keep yourself refreshed and energized for the multiple breastfeeding sessions you’ll have in a day.

Keeping myself hydrated and fed. Hello fats, but it's all worth it! Regina Martin



When all is said and done, even if you try all of these things, your best and most powerful weapon when it comes to breastfeeding will be your determination. The determination to give and feed your baby the best, to keep going despite the hardships is all it takes.

Determination + Happy thoughts from the goodies that you ate + Unli latch Abygail Zhenith Lua

Breastfeeding is 90% determination, 10% milk Nica Vibar


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  1. for me as of my experience i drink milo everyday..once or twice per day..more water…eat more nutritious food that has more on soup w/ vegetables…

  2. My husband always prepared a soup with malunggay every night meal.Very delicious and it gives more milk supply.

  3. I took Healthy nursing tea to help my milk come in and establish whatever supply I could, I was so pleasantly surprised I noticed an increase in supply almost immediately! This supplement helped me a lot I will continue to use it throughout pumping/breastfeeding my son!

  4. I’m drinking coffee and choco malunggay mixed. Then followed by applying a nipple cream, it helps me open my nipple pores and for nipps care also. Staying hydrated, eating more and having a good rest is also a lot more helpful for me to boost my milk supply.

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