This Mom Founded Her Own Business Because of Her Daughter’s Yaya

We all love our yayas. They’re the helping hands who keep our households running, and the watchful eyes who look after our kids. Finding the perfect yaya is a godsend, and we want to keep her forever. Find out what this mom did as a tribute to her daughter’s yaya.

This Mom Founded Her Own Business Because of Her Daughter's Yaya


Mompreneur Mica Tantuico Ang says, “Being a working mom, I had to accept the fact that my daughter would be with her yaya for most of the day. She would be my daughter’s second ‘nanay.’ The thought of entrusting my then newborn daughter to someone I barely knew was scary. But I believed that by empowering a person, making them feel loved and good about themselves, would allow them to work better and reciprocate in the same way you treat them. I wanted to make sure I treated her well, and the very least I could do was to give her uniforms that she would be comfortable working in the whole day.”

Mica founded Naynay Manila, as a tribute to her daughter’s yaya, to help provide comfortable, good quality uniforms with fresh designs. Take a look at their summer collection and see what we love about it below!


The good quality breathable cotton

It’s so hard to find yaya’s uniforms that are good quality. They’re either made out of cheap material or hot polyester that isn’t exactly the most wearable fabric. Your yayas will have no problem moving around in these pieces!

Amihan PRICE 750 PHP Imelda PRICE 675 PHP

The nice and cute designs

Where else will you be able to find such cute designs on yaya’s uniforms? We’re sure your yayas will definitely appreciate them too.

Malaya PRICE 675 PHP Dalisay PRICE 650 PHP

The varied designs suitable for any occasion

What’s great about Naynay Manila is that they provide different designs for different occasions. So if your yayas need something to wear to a formal family occasion, or even just for a trip to the park, you’ve got really nice designs to choose from.

Rosamie PRICE 750 PHP Rosalyn PRICE 650 PHP

It doesn’t sacrifice comfort

Sometimes, the reason our yayas don’t like their uniforms is because they’re uncomfortable. They’re itchy, hot, and probably not the most easy of clothes to wear. These uniforms are your yaya’s best friend. Designs they’ll love without sacrificing the comfort they need. If they feel good in it, then they’ll go about their daily tasks even better.


You can find out more about Naynay Manila’s Summer 2018 Collection through their Facebook and Instagram pages. For orders and inquiries, please contact (0999) 883-2620.


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