6 Delightful Clothes Brands for Your Darling Daughter

One way or another we have to admit that it’s fun playing dress up with our little girls! Watching them twirl in their dresses with the most charming smiles on their faces truly warms our hearts. And if you’re looking for places to purchase trendy dresses that your little fashionistas will surely love, we prepared something for you. Six brands with trendy outfits, where you can buy items both in-store and online! Go ahead and continue scrolling down to check them out!

Baby and Breakfast: Fashion Clothes Brands for Your Little Girl




1. Gingersnaps PH

This brand has the trendiest dresses for little girls! Each dress comes with a playful set of prints and bright colors.


2. OshKosh Kids

This clothing brand is absolutely kid-friendly, with their dresses going for a more casual feel. OshKosh’s clothes are breathable, comfortable, and adorned with fun prints!


3. Enfant Baby and Company

Your adorable newborn darlings can join in with this brand! Enfant has layettes that are made with high-quality fabric that is 100% made out of cotton, and safe for your little baby girl.


4. Shop By Gigi

Looking for something special for your little darling to twirl around in? Shop By Gigi has a variety of dresses that are absolutely pretty!


5. Great Kids PH

If you’re attending a special occasion and looking for a special dress for your little girl, then Great Kids PH is your answer! They’ve got pretty designs that you can even match with your own!


6. Periwinkle PH

This brand’s dresses are absolutely dainty and adorable! They come in classic cuts that she’ll have so much fun twirling in, and really bright colors with so much prints!


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