We Got Real About Traveling with Your Baby

While you and your spouse may already have a working dynamic when traveling, having a baby in tow just completely changed the game. Either it’s to attend a special event or your feed is just filled with pictures of the beach, the truth is- you truly, madly, deeply need a vacation. Here are 10 GIFs to show what travelling with your baby is really like.


You only have one item on your list to pack–EVERYTHING.

You’d be surprised how such a tiny person can take up so much space. If before you did away with one carry-on for a weekend, now you have to bring a stroller (if riding on a plane though, trust me definitely just bring a carrier), a diaper bag, a small selection of toys, first aid kit, favorite blanket, your kitchen sink, etc.


You to the mirror before leaving the house

This also applies to you asking your husband and your non-verbal baby… but this is really an internal, repeated question up until you actually get on the plane.


What it feels like boarding the plane

With two carry-ons and your baby, sure some people could roll their eyes. Some even expect goodie bags because they saw it somewhere online. Then again, I tend to focus on the helpful, warm, empathetic smiles given mostly by fellow parents… or just regular human beings with a heart and half a brain who understand that babies exist.


You before take-off and landing

Not only does feeding help the baby’s ears to not hurt, but it also settles her down nicely. Ask any mom group! If you’re no longer breastfeeding, a pacifier or feeding from the bottle could also do the trick.


You when the baby falls asleep

Ah sweet merciful God of Sleep, thank you. Neeeeeeded this! I’m just gonna have a drink real quick.


When you finally get there

Let the IG Husband/IG Daddy duties commence! The world is your runway!


Your little family, somewhere new

Be it on the beach or a foreign country, even if you’ve been there yourself countless of times, having the people you love most with you is a whole different experience.


Your reaction watching your baby meet Mickey Mouse, or feel sand between her toes, or see snow for the first time

“I love you all so much, we should really do this more often!”


Until your baby gets too tired, skips a nap, and throws a massive meltdown

“We’re never doing this again!”


You as soon as you get home though

“Ooh seat sales!” Researching, planning, booking your next vacation. Because no matter how inconvenient traveling with your baby can get, happiness is only real when shared. You are making memories that last a lifetime. When you look back, traveling together will always be in the highlight reel.


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