7 Fun Activities You Can Have in Your Kid’s Party

What’s a birthday bash without fun activities? Make sure your guests are having a good time by incorporating these ideas in your party. Everything’s also adult friendly, so everyone’s gonna have a blast. Join us as we list seven fun party ideas for your event!

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Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning 7 Fun Party Ideas for A Memorable Birthday Blast


1. Arcade Games

Photographer: Dyan Collo Lifestyle Photography / Girl Party: A Charming Pink Carnival Party for Amara

If you wanna go big, why not include an arcade for kids and kids at heart to enjoy?


2. Make Your Own Souvenir

Photographer: Mhel Mesa Photography / Boy Party: An Awesome Japanese-inspired Birthday Bash for Callum / Arts and Crafts Station: La Pomme Party

Allow your guests to get creative and take their creations home with this M.Y.O. plush toy! If toys don’t fancy you, there are tons of Make Your Own giveaways you could check out too!


3. Inflatables

Photographer: Cocoon Studio / Baby Shower: Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat’s Sports Themed Baby Shower Was So Epic! / Inflatables: Caleb’s Inplaytafun

This one is a classic! Inflatables never go out of style, and if you want your party to be unforgettable, make sure you include them in your celebration!


4. Game Booths

Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Boy Party: A Fantastic Carnival Celebration for Miggy

Have a variety of games in your party to give your guests some fun options. Plus, they can avoid the long queue and waiting time! Sounds great, right?


5. Sports Area

Photographer: Cocoon Studio / Boy Party: Seve Soriano Had the Coolest Golf-Themed Par-Tee We’ve Seen!

Start ’em young! Get the kids active with this golf course area. Sport buffs and parents will definitely enjoy this one too. You can also set up a basketball or volleyball area if that’s what you prefer!


6. Life Size Boardgames 

Boy Party: Sebi’s Playful Camping and Tribal Birthday Bash
Boy Party: Sebi’s Playful Camping and Tribal Birthday Bash

Step up your game and teach your kids how to play board games with a fun game area like this one!


7. Playhouses

Photographer: Camille Gonzales Photography / Boy Party: Mason’s Adorable Woodland Party / Playhouses: Kids Party House

Both kids and adults will enjoy these because playhouses allow you to explore and be anything you want for a day! Just imagine this: One second you’re a barista, and the next thing you know, you’re treating patients in a little clinic. How fun!


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