5 #MomBosses You Can Take Work-Life Balance Cues From

All moms are amazing. All moms are superwomen. When you’ve got a child to raise, plus a business to handle, it’s definitely no easy task. Today, we’re featuring five (out of maaany) incredible #mombosses who make raising children and handling a business look so darn good! Talk about girl power, women empowerment, and motherhood goals! So take some work-life inspiration from these mommas!

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood 5 #MomBosses You Can Take Work-Life Balance Cues From


1. Maja Martinez-Angeles

Co-Owner of Passion Cooks

When she’s not busy managing her catering and event styling business, this mom spends time recording her cutie and super talented daughter, Yuna, singing and playing the violin! This mother-daughter duo is a testament that creativity runs in the blood.



2. Julianne Syjuco

Fashion Designer at Julianne Syjuco

Not only is this mom boss an acclaimed designer, she also is a fitness buff, foodie, and travel lover. Her on-the-go lifestyle, oh-so-beautiful gown designs, successful business, and tight-knit relationship with her adorable son make her a definite supermom!


3. Marie Field-Faith 

Founder of Pottly n Tubby

I love how this bohemian mom goddess makes beach luxe dressing look so darn good–even with three little kiddos around! Oh and you seriously have to check out her one-of-a-kind home items… they’re sure to get your kids excited, and stir the kid in you.


4. Leona Laviña-Panutat 

Co-Founder of The Inspiration Seekers

This momma travels the world and shares her favorite finds with all of us! How she juggles doing this and taking care of her two sons, Wyatt and Walt, is #momgoals! P.S. – You’re going to want to check her travel finds out–they’ve got a lot of unique, pretty stuff for you.


5. Kat Maderazo 

Founder of Bento by Kat

Trust me, join this creative mom’s bento workshops, and you’ll be thanking her for making your job of getting your kids to eat become a lot easier. Her bento boxes are almost to good to eat! Don’t you just think how lucky her three kids are to have unlimited delicious art in a box?


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