These Moms Share their Breastfeeding Challenges and How They Overcame Them

Every mother who has ever breastfed her child knows this one truth: It isn’t easy. There are so many challenges and difficulties moms have to go through, but it’s the resilience and perseverance that always leaves us in awe. Today, we’re sharing with you some of the challenges these moms went through, and what they did to overcome them.

Feed Love Presents These Moms Share Their Breastfeeding Challenges and How They Overcame Them


Mine is breastfeeding outside the house. Comfortable nursing clothes have helped a lot in giving me the confidence to breastfeed outside the house, but I have to admit that I haven’t completely overcome this challenge yet. I still struggle with this at times, specifically if my baby is fussy.

Another big challenge for me was that my husband thought breastfeeding was natural, easy, and that milk was always abundant. I shed many quiet tears until I had the courage to talk about it with him. I told him that breastfeeding was painful (especially the first latches), frustrating, and tiring too. I think it is really important to communicate your needs and feelings in everything that there is in this new world of motherhood, to your partner. I am so glad I talked to him about it. Now he is more supportive and understanding, and it really made a huge difference in my confidence and sanity as well.

– Kristel Gay Macaspac


Low supply was my biggest challenge. I did everything from lactation massages, hydrating a lot, and taking malunggay capsules.

– Jeraldine Yanga


From the time I gave birth via emergency CS, the struggle of having both inverted and flat nipples, and seeing my son crying out loud because he could not properly and directly feed was so heartbreaking. My milk didn’t come right away, and it was so difficult that I almost gave up. But then I realized that giving up was not an option. I talked to my friends and asked for milk donations while waiting for my milk to arrive and flow. I also sought the help of a lactation consultant to guide me through the ABCs of breastfeeding.

Yes, breastfeeding is not a walk in the park. I had sore and cracked nipples, many crying and sleepless nights just to try and make my son directly feed on my breast. I pumped religiously every two to three hours just so he could be satisfied. After two months of non-stop practice, prayers, and perseverance, I was able to successfully direct feed my son despite those challenges. I’m so proud of myself because I didn’t give up and I couldn’t be prouder of my son because he also didn’t give up on me. Right now, I have been breastfeeding for one whole year already!

– Aia Lacdo-o


Sore nipples! I had to stop breastfeeding for two days because I already had scabs. The doctor advised me to put breastmilk on them and let them airdry. After two days, the scabs had peeled, and I tried to latch my baby, and voila, it didn’t hurt anymore!

– Roxby Lovitos


One time, when I was at the mall, my baby suddenly told me, “Mommy, dede!” So I rushed into the nearest fitting room available, since the nursing room was far away. Usually, I feel like a VIP when I enter a room and there’s a couch or a seat inside, but when there’s none, I usually just sit on the floor. Most of the time the floor isn’t exactly nice to sit on or ‘sitting-friendly’, and imagine sitting there holding your child for minutes on end until your arms get numb! Pain aside, as I walked out of the fitting room after hearing a burp from my happy and full baby, I know it is worth everything. Breastfeeding is truly the most challenging part of motherhood I have ever encountered. Yet, it made me feel whole as a woman despite all the difficulties I surpassed and am still experiencing.

– Jaymee Santiaguel


Bleeding nipples. Thanks to nipple protectors and cream, I was able to heal while still breastfeeding my baby.

– Jewel Godoy


My mom told us that all six of us (her children) were not breastfed because she didn’t have enough milk supply. So when I was pregnant I didn’t even bother researching about breastfeeding because I thought I wouldn’t have enough milk supply as well. But when I gave birth to my daughter, my OB encouraged me to push breastfeeding since we found out that my daughter latched immediately, plus I had enough supply.

At first it was a struggle. I really had no clue about what I was doing at all. Along the way, my breasts engorged. I almost had mastitis. Both my breasts were leaking, and I wasted a lot of milk. I sought the help of a lactation consultant, and she gave me a lot of tips. The tips were so helpful, that I am currently donating milk bags to mommies who are in need. Breastfeeding is my favorite part of this journey so far.

– Monica Baloran


Cracked and bleeding nipples, and poor latch in the beginning. I consulted with several breastfeeding consultants and doctors to get the correct latch.

– Leya Moya


When my baby girl was seven months, I got clogged ducts, mastitis, and an infection in my right breast. But I was able to overcome it. I never stopped breastfeeding. I pumped out the milk from my infected side and continued feeding my daughter on my left. Thank God for the strength he gave me. Now, she’s already three years old and still enjoying this journey with me. I will stop once she wants to stop.

– Baby Aurora Panase


How to achieve deep latch during the first few weeks. My nipples were cracked and bleeding from shallow latch, so we practiced how to do a proper latch, and also different breastfeeding positions to find out which position my baby was most comfortable in. It worked! I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my baby for five months and counting.

– Mikaela Bucu


So don’t be afraid momma. Know that you are not alone in experiencing these challenges, and that you can overcome them as well. Because beyond the difficulties, obstacles, and pain, lies a sweet victory that is truly worth it.

What is your breastfeeding challenge and what did you do to overcome it? Share them with us in the comments below!


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  1. Yes,Go go go.Breastfeeding for 11months and counting.I am having pain in my right breast too.I just keep on breastfeeding.I am not ready to wean my baby yet.I want to breastfeed him til He want it.

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