A Carefree and Fun Family Shoot in the Countryside

Today, we’re going to experience a day in the life of the Jordan kids through the lens of The Stork Studio. What really struck me the most as I was going through these amazing photos was the beautiful simplicity that these kids’ lives had to offer. Feeding and milking cows, playing with bunnies, riding a bike–this is childhood in its purest form. No gadgets, technology, and social media. The scenic family farm and countryside were just an added bonus. So moms (and dads), if there’s anything you can take away from this (besides the cool photo shoot inspo) it’s that maybe we should consider going back and remembering what a fun and carefree childhood was all about. Don’t you agree?

Baby and Breakfast: Family Shoots A Carefree and Fun Family Shoot in the Countryside

Photographer: The Stork Studio

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  1. These are my children. Reading this almost had me in tears. Too often We get so caught up in getting all the work done and so overwhelmed with everything thats not getting done. Seeing these pictures again and reading this made me stop for a minute. It reminded me of the overwhelming blessing and provision form God. Thank You for making me stop and reflect for just that minute.

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