Why Moms Are Developing an Online Shopping Addiction… And They Don’t Even Know It

Here’s something a lot of moms I’ve spoken to have confessed about: Over the course of pregnancy and child-rearing, they have all developed some form of chronic need-to-go online shopping. Online shopping has become both a fad and a useful tool for everyone with a gadget to skip the traffic, lines, and hassle, and just wait for the package to be dropped off at your doorstep. But here’s the thing: Try asking around if your online shopper friends really use everything that they’ve purchased online, and chances are, you’d be looking at a long list of people who would confess to buying things they don’t need, just for the sake of convenience. Are moms really more prone to being online shopaholics?

Baby and Breakfast: Motherhood, Humor Why Moms are Developing an Online Shopping Addiction--And they Don't Even Know It



It’s the thrill of the deal

The hook is that you get a lot of good deals online. Sales are everywhere, and if you know where to go, you can also purchase hard-to-find products. The thrill of finding the best deal is unparalleled, and this beats having to walk around a department store or grocery with a toddler in tow. The con–there always is a con–is that you can’t try clothes on, and some sites don’t provide customer security. But hey, shopping on Facebook is safe, right? Nope, no guarantees!


Moms–especially new ones–are vulnerable.

Pregnant women are armed with a long checklist of mommy must-haves, but chances are, when the baby comes, they often find themselves lacking something. They can’t go back out to the malls just yet, and yes, they could send out the sleepless husband on a mall run. But since you can just have something delivered with one click, why not?

The problem here is that you are sleep-deprived. You are itching to see the outside world after being stuck in your room with a crying baby for days. You have gotten used to window shopping and actual shopping because you needed to waddle through the malls for exercise. This is the perfect opportunity for you to buy too much, or buy wants over needs.


You don’t even really know what you really need yet.

First-time parents rely on books and advice, but you only really get to see which baby gear is useful for you as you go along. Since a lot of new moms run to the internet for how-to’s and on-the-spot solutions for their gassy baby/milk supply/baby won’t sleep/is this normal questions and problems, they often encounter suggested items that they think they just have to have…right now! And as we all know, the internet has a sneaky way of figuring out that you’re on the prowl, and will keep sending you these links to baby stuff online. It’s a vicious cycle.

Take your time and work with what you have first. Then if nothing else has worked and you feel like that expensive baby rocker just might do the trick, perhaps borrow one from a friend first before you shell out something you’re gonna end up re-selling anyway.


Speaking of re-selling, pre-loved baby and mommy stuff online groups are all the rage.

Once you sign up to these Facebook groups for parents re-selling clothes that their kids have outgrown, gifts they never ended up using, or nursing wear and breast pumps that didn’t see the light of day, you’d be surprised! And for online shopping addicts, it’s so thrilling to be able to buy a hardly-used set of those expensive brand onesies or baby bottles for such a low price! Just add shipping! But the deal is, you also have to understand the terms: EUC means Excellent Used Condition. VGUC means Very Good Used Condition. GUC is just good, and well-loved means you will most likely be getting a threadbare shirt. If you must shop pre-loved online, be extra cautious and exercise proper judgement.


Online shopping is a one-man act… so practice hiding those delivered packages from your partner

Most online shopping fans confess to not really divulging the details of their “crimes” to their husbands or wives… but once that doorbell rings and it’s the express delivery guy, good luck hiding that. Online shopping has gotten so easy with free, next-day and on-the-spot motorbike deliveries, and they are cheaper than they used to be! But if one day your husband finds out that you have ordered one thing over another, you would have to confess, and you would then have to deal with the fact that you just might have a problem.


I’m a mommy, and I’m addicted to online shopping

When you find yourself having to make excuses for your purchases, or have been buying things you never really ended up using, it might be the perfect time to assess your online shopping personality. All good things can be bad once used excessively, and lying to your partner about your purchases is a sure sign of a deeper problem. Curb your “Add to Cart” tendencies for the sake of your family’s financial future and you might just thank yourself for it in the long run.


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