8 Reasons Why Moms Partner with this Modern Daycare and Learning Center to Help Raise their Kids

One of the struggles most working moms have is having to deal with leaving your little ones with someone you trust. Sometimes you can leave your kids with their yayas, your parents, or in-laws, but what happens if those people aren’t available? Do you bring them to work with you? Do you stay home on a vacation leave? What about if you’re a stay-at-home mom and just want some alone time? What if we told you that we found a solution to this problem? Una Casita Learning Center is a daycare and child development center that can help you out. Read on to find out how!

Baby and Breakfast: BANB Finds, Education 8 Reasons Why Moms Partner with this Modern Daycare and Learning Center to Help Raise their Kids


They have a trained and professional team.

We know it may be hard for you to leave your child with people you don’t know, but Una Casita’s staff are well trained and committed to caring for your child. And with the friendliness and warmth the team has, you can be sure that they’ll offer genuine love and affection to you little tots.


They have a low child to teacher ratio.

What does this mean? With a child teacher ratio at 5:1, you can be sure that your child will have lots of attention from a trained professional. He or she won’t be feeling left out, and your child will be able to optimize his or her learning even more.


They can help your child develop basic life skills and a strong sense of independence.

Basic life skills such as values education, self-help skills, discipline, social emotional skills, helping out with chores, music, and more are all things that your child can develop in Una Casita. They provide numerous activities to enhance these skills, as well as help develop his or her sense of independence.


They provide your child with the opportunity to interact with other kids.

Leaving your child at home with a yaya is fine, but sending him or her to this non-traditional daycare center also allows your little one to interact with other kids, both of a similar or varied age. This helps develop his or her interpersonal skills, and strengthens his or her social relativity, motivation, and problem solving skills. Besides the opportunity of socializing with other kids, the environment provides an avenue for them to practice conflict resolution, as well as helps them process social interactions and situations.


They have a great curriculum and facilities you might not have at home.

The professional personnel at Una Casita work tirelessly to provide numerous activities that differ week in and week out, to make sure that your child experiences new things even in their earliest years. They have age-appropriate materials for toddlers—such as their toys, books, and playground equipment—that also help in the development of their motor skills and mental capabilities. And if you want real-time updates on your child’s daily activities, they can provide those too!


They value love, warmth, safety, security, trust, and belongingness.

When looking at a place where your child will stay (whether at home, in school, or a daycare center), you always have to look at what values they have, and check if they are in line with your own. In Una Casita, they value love, warmth, safety, security, trust, and belongingness. These values are not only designed to make your child feel safe and loved, but also ones that parents will have no problem getting on board with.


They have flexible rates and schedules.

One of the most difficult things about being a mom is having to work around multiple schedules. One of the great things about this place is that they have flexible rates and schedules to suit the convenience of working parents, parents who need to run errands, or those who just want some me time. There are hourly, half-day, whole day, and weekly rates that you can choose from!


It is your little one's little home.

Another worry most parents have when leaving their child with someone or in another place, is the comfortability of their child. If placed in unfamiliar environments, your little one may be scared, intimidated, and out of place. Una Casita aims to be an extension of your home by simulating the routines and values at home. Your little tots will fit right in!


You can find more details about Una Casita Learning Center in their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. For inquiries, you can also contact them at (02) 877-0824 or (0917) 159-1383. You can also pay them a visit at Lower Ground Unit B2 Westgate Tower Building, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.


Photographer: Alexis White

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