8 Food Costumes for Kids That Will Leave You Hungry for More

Kids dressed up in costumes are always cute! But you know what’s even cuter? Kids in food¬†themed costumes! Be it for a birthday party or a family shoot, you’re going to have to check out these delicious-looking costumes because they’ll surely have your kiddos looking all-too-adorable!

Baby and Breakfast: Fashion 8 Delicious Looking Kids' Costumes that Will Have You Squealing with Delight


1. Avocado Cuteness

Photo via Carter’s

Doesn’t this costume just make you want to squish this baby? Sooo cuuute, right? Let’s bring back all the rage about all things avo by going for an avocado costume for your kid.


2. Nothing Bland About This

Photo via POPSUGAR

I looove this pair of costumes! It’s so smart and unique! Have your kiddos put these costumes on, and trust me, they’ll surely add much flavor to the party. *wink*


3. On A Sugar High

Photo via Food Network

How sweet is this! Your kid’s surely going to be giving everyone a sugar rush with this costume.


4. With Whipped Cream Please

Photo via LatinOL.com

Everybody loves a Starbucks frappe, so why not get your kid in it–literally? I love how this one’s complete with a whipped cream-and-straw headpiece!


5. Sushi Cutie

Photo via StepFeed

Who loves sushi? I know we all do! And this cute little sushi girl is absolutely no exception.


6. Pineapple Lovin’

Photo via Popsugar Australia

Another fruitylicious costume for your kiddo! Just like the fruit, your kid will be looking oh-so-sweet and juicy in this cute pineapple onesie.


7. Stuff Me With Some Taco Love

Photo via Halloween Ideas 2018

I want to hug this kid so bad! She looks sooo adorable, doesn’t she?! Especially with that taco costume on. Too cute to take a bite off though!


8. Surprise Salad!

Wow, salad never looked this good. I like how this cute and creative costume can totally be DIY-d! Don’t forget to add the toppings!


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