We Asked A Caterer/Event Stylist to Give Us Their Party Planning Tips!

Parties, parties, parties. Not only are you invited to lots of them, but you’re tasked to hold quite a few too! Be it for your kids’ birthday, baptismal, or a holiday party for Christmas, parties are a part of every mom’s life. So we asked catering and event styling company, Passion Cooks, to give us some helpful tips to help you plan your next party. Happy reading!

Baby and Breakfast: Party Planning We Asked A Caterer/Event Stylist to Give us Their Party Planning Tips!


Come up with a checklist.

Make a plan and establish the basics. Determine what kind of party it will be. Is it going to be a big celebration or an intimate gathering? From there, write down everything you need from major details like the venue and the food, down to the littlest ones like party poppers and other props!


Determine your budget and (be determined to) stick to it!

Figure out how much you want to spend, and consider all the party essentials in establishing your budget. You can go all out if the budget permits, and let your most creative juices flow if your budget is a bit limited.


Create a guest list.

Only invite the people you really want to connect with on your special day! Whether it’s a big group or a handful, what’s important is spending time with those that matter the most.


Make your menu.

Caterers offer a wide variety of dishes, so in coming up with a menu, talk to your caterer and let them know what you want to serve. Choose from their existing menu, or have them customize it based on your theme! And speaking of theme…


Decide on a theme.

If you want one, of course. Playing with a theme for your party can be fun for you and your guests. And it makes for great pictures!


Have entertainment.

Turn up the music, and set the mood. List down the songs you want to hear, and mix it up with those guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor. Tip: The Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls will surely get them on their feet!


Don't forget to pray.

Don’t forget to let God in on your plans. Seek His approval and His yes–just so you know that you’re making the right choices!


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