6 Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 3-6

Shopping for the kids can be quite a challenge at times, and no matter how many options toy stores might have, sometimes it can be quite hard to find the perfect gift that will really brighten up your child, niece, or nephew’s face (because who wouldn’t want to be the best mom, ninang, or tita, right?). So, we’ve rounded up a few trusted online brands that will surely have the little ones kissing you with gratefulness once they’ve opened their Christmas presents!

Baby and Breakfast: Gift Guide 6 Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 3-6


1. Construction Vehicle from Green Toys

This will make the perfect gift for kids who just can’t get enough of trucks (my son is definitely on this list)! Green Toys’ Construction Vehicle set may seem like your typical toy trucks, but trust me, they’re not. Made out of 100% recycled plastic with NO BPA, phthalates, or PVC, these are not only safe for your kids but environmentally-friendly too! They even meet the FDA contact standards! Talk about smart gift-giving, both for mother earth and for the little one!


2. Tutu Skirt from Luna and Sky

For the little princesses and ballerinas at heart, tutus will never go out of style–mainly because they’re just so fun to wear, and they can easily make any outfit feel extra special. What I love about Luna and Sky’s tutus are that they comes in neutral colors that can be excellently mixed and matched for any occasion–definitely turning ordinary days to magical ones!


3. Montii Insulated Lunch Bag and Mini Montii Stainless Steel Bottle from Bright Brands

Who wouldn’t want these super cute lunch bags and water bottles! I even want these for myself! You can even teach the little ones to say no to single use plastic bottles, and get them hooked on these adorable, brightly colored items that will surely make snack and lunch time more fun and exciting!

P.S. – Their water can stay cold for up to 24 hours too–how awesome is that?


4. Wooden Kitchen Set from Seed Studio Toys

Anything handmade and locally made is always a good idea! Plus points if these are toys that are made from natural, untreated wood–making them chemical free and absolutely safe for your children to play with. Seed Studio Toys’ wooden kitchen toys are perfect for children who have dreams of becoming chefs someday!


5. Gift Box from Oli’s Boxship

A single boxship is a gift of discovery and creativity for the little ones! I just love the idea of Oli’s Boxship–it’s fun-filled, educational, and it can certainly spark your child’s creative mind. Each box comes with complete supplies for two or more activities, and a story book that your kid will absolutely love. It’s the perfect gift for any child who loves to explore, create, and experiment! (They even have monthly subscriptions that I bet will earn you the Best Mom/Tita/Ninang award! Haha!)


6. Personalized Book from Wonderbly

This is probably the coolest book you can give any book lover! I’m just so in love with their best selling “Lost My Name” book, which you can personalize with your child’s own name, making the story uniquely his or hers! Yes, you read it right, the flow of the story and the adventures the protagonist will face will depend on the letters of your child’s name. So a child called Cassie may meet a Chameleon, Aardvark, Squid, Seal, and Imp, and a child named Primo will meet a Princess, Robot, Inuit, Mermaid, and Ostrich! What’s more is that you can even include a short dedication–definitely a priceless keepsake that any child can keep for years to come.

P.S. – This is an international brand, but they also ship to the Philippines, so better start shopping early!


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